Good Morning precious loves of ours here's a cust little Elf story:
Sharing Something Special:

Bud tried and tried to skate, but he just kept falling down. He sat on the ice, watching Bonnie spin as she skated.

“I’ll never learn how to skate,” said Bud

The next day after lunch, the elves went sledding down Tube Hill in tubes. They were having such a great time enjoying their exercise!  “Weeeeeeee!” the elves screamed as they thundered down the big hill in a long tube train. “This is great fun!” exclaimed Bud happily. “I could go up and down this hill all day!”

But at the top of the hill, Bonnie stood sadly and watched. She didn’t know how to ride the tubes down the hill, and she was too scared to try.
Why won’t Bonnie come down the hill?” Bud asked the other elves.

“She has never done this before, so she is a little scared,” answered Bif.

“I have an idea that might help her,” said Bud. “And it might help me, too!”

“Bonnie, I have a great idea!” said Bud. “Since I’m good at sledding, I’ll teach you how to sled down Tube Hill. And then afterwards, you can teach me how to ice skate since you’re good at skating.”

“Oh, that would be wonderful, Bud!” Bonnie said with a big smile. “You know, everyone has something they are good at, and it’s even more special when we share it with our friends!”


Ohhh you babies  , you share everything, when the new babies have just crossed over the Bridge you share your heart , your love, and all that you have.  You share it with those that you live with every day in your new home.    Oh would it not be grand if some people on earth had a heart like your's. 

xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxxo  Our Angels  xoxooxxooxoxoxoxoxox
Tonya Mesha Gails mommy Babies and Maggie Mae's too at the bridge
Mommy to living baby Kit Kat AND as of 7/14/2010 Cotton (puppy)
For the love of our babies
They are the reason
Forever and Always Forever and a Day
Oh what a love is the love of our babies
A love like no other. Love drops fall

MY PRECIOUS SWEET GIRL Mesha Gail My Very Heart and your Shane's too

REMEMBERING MERCY xoxoxox oh what a love.

REMBERING MAX passed 12/1/2009 xoxoxox We love you MAX xoxoxo
Shane and I love you.

My true register date is Jan. 2006 ****** it took me that long before I cold talk about my loss.
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