We lost are gizmo last Wednesday and I'm having a really hard time with it. He was fine one day and gone the next.
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Hi Carlone, 

I am sorry to read of your loss of your beloved "Gizmo. "

There are many here who experienced the same thing that you did, fine one day and then gone the next.

Can you share with us a little bit about Gizmo? We would love to see a photo too, if you are up for sharing or can do so. Only if and when the time is right.

You are among friends here. Welcome to the Rainbow Bridge Forum despite the unfortunate circumstances.

Kind regards & my sincerest condolences,
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I’m so sorry to hear of your loss of gizmo. We all know what you’re going through and how hard it is.
I lost my boy suddenly too, without any warning. Here one min and gone the next. Almost impossible to comprehend
With a healthy pet. I wish I had words to make you feel better but time is the only thing that helps.
Oscar, always Mommy’s Boy, forever in my ❤️ 
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I am so sorry to hear you lost your sweet Gizmo suddenly last week. There are many people here who understand your pain. It can help to post feelings, pictures and stories about your Gizmo, when and if you are ready.

My condolences,
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I'm so sorry for your loss of Gizmo! Please know that you will find so much love and support here. Everyone here has experienced the loss of a beloved pet, and we are a kind and loving forum.

Although this is a horribly difficult time for you, please know that Gizmo is in peace.

Warm Regards,
K. Unger
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Thank you so very much for your words and support. In time I will post pictures and stories. My grief is still so raw and I miss my little buddy so much. Thank you again.
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