So I've posted about losing my Winnie just over 6 months ago. She was 12 and a half.
We got her sister - same parent dogs, but different litter. Lily, she's 6 months younger.
I remember Winnie's exact age to the day, that she passed. So when Lily reached that same amount of time, 12 years, 7 months, and 3 days, I was nervous, well I had been since Winnie's death that Lily would die too. Well she's lived longer than Winnie, but I keep worrying and it's like I'm waiting for the "other shoe to drop".

Winnie was active, playful, and like a pup until her final days. And she was perfectly fine then showed a few symptoms on and off for 3 days, so I took her to the vet and she was gone less than a week from when her first symptoms showed. It was such disbelief that you can have a happy playful dog and less than a week she's dead.

But Lily, has always been a lazy dog. Even as a pup she didn't run around, she didn't have high energy, she slept a lot. So unlike with Winnie, I don't think I'll know when it's her "time". She is slowed down even more, and we think she could be losing her hearing.

But I'm stuck with this anxiety of "when" it will be her turn. I'm paranoid every time I see her sleeping that she is actually dead. I'm afraid every morning, it will be the morning she won't move. It's so hard to live like this. I was just starting to cry thinking about how any day now....

I don't know how to cope with this. Lily has always been more dependent and more like a baby and needy toward me than Winnie was, so her death will hit me so hard.

Has anyone else ever felt like this or dealt with something like it? What do you do?
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Dear Winlove,
I've only ever had the one dog so I can't really give any advice based on experience. I can understand though why you are looking for signs and worrying, with Winnie and Lily being about the same age.
I would say try to make the most of whatever precious time you have left with Lily.
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Oh I know exactly what you are talking about.  When my dog turned 10 I started to become constantly worried about her death.  I figured she was a medium size dog that she would only be around for a few more years.  I would literally cry and obsess about it...and then I said why are you crying??  She is right here right now and you can't control the future...enjoy her now and stop worrying about when she is going to die.  Well I'm glad I did because she lived until she was 17 my baby Bridie. 
Now when those thought occur...which they still do from time to time I push them out fast.  
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