Dearest ZiZi,

The sun  has been brightly shining through the  curtains this morning and in my mind's eye, I see you basking in one of your favourite spots at the end of our bed. How I wish you were there now.

It was love at first sight: I saw you as a kitten,playing with your 2 siblings and Mum (all tortoiseshells) and you were a tabby. I just knew you were the one.

The lady thought you were a girl who they were calling Emma, so we chose FiFi- but I quickly wondered whether you were a boy- and the Vet confirmed that you were so we chose ZiZi. It really suited you-something cool and edgy.

You were quite timid when you arrived at our house: 6 children of varying ages for one thing but you took all the strokes and cuddles I offered in your stride and soon felt right at home.

You were never one for cat toys but I recall that first December when you kept climbing up the Christmas Tree-perhaps you felt you should be the ornament at the top! We idly wondered if you would try again the following Christmas but you never did; you'd grown into a sleek,beautiful cat by then.

Although you loved us all, it was always me you turned to- I think you almost thought of me as your Mother- I think if you could have done,you would have climbed under my skin! I suppose we spent long parts of every day just occupying the house and enjoying each other's company, although you loved being out and about in the garden and beyond, especially in warm weather.

I'd given up my part time nursing job when my youngest child was little- he was developing differently and was diagnosed with autism. When he went to school we had more time just the two of us.

When you were about 18 months old,I could hear a frantic meow from the garden. You were just our side of the 5 foot brick wall that you must have leapt over but I knew that all wasn't well. The Vet said that you had broken your pelvis and had probably been hit by a car which probably actually ran over you.He said that you 'were as tough as old boots'. Incredibly, after 6 weeks nursing at home in a confined space (an old travel cot);with the minimum of fuss you were able to resume an active and full life and watch over us as everyone grew.

You and I have seen so much over the years- you've seen 3 children complete Primary School, 6 children through Secondary School, 6 children into college, 4 graduate University and number 5 start university where he is today and number 6, the child with autism is now at college.

As the years have gone by, I think your joints had become stiff,probably arthritis from the accident but still you enjoyed life. In your younger days, you were in and out all day long but in the last few years you became more of a two season cat: out when it was warm and in when it wasn't. You'd spend large swathes of time as my armrest-sitting beside me getting some comfort from my arm resting lightly on top of you when i used the laptop,or climbing all over the keyboard or all over me! I wish you were sat here beside me now as I type this.

My husband always said that he wouldn't want another pet and even he who was never the most keen is missing you. You leaping on our bed in the early morning to say 'hello' and then climbing all over me- the way you like hanging off the backs of the chairs- the awkward contorted postions you could somehow manage to sleep in-your paw reaching out for my leg if I hadn't put your food down quickly enough;always so gentle,never a scratch.- the spots in the garden you would lie in- the foliage you liked to hide in during the summer months. I could go on but you get the picture.

The end came quickly. On Sunday, you started to meow and hide. It was out of character but not particularly alarming. I wasn't too sure what was happening. I thought I would get you to the Vet on Monday morning for a check- but it was too late. I came down and found that you had gone, in the fromt room on our sofa.

I feel that I let you down and should have realised that something was seriously wrong. I am sorry but at the same time,you died in your own surroundings with those you loved close by.

There will never be another you. Our beautiful lad- you were a legend. Rest in peace,our beautiful, precious boy and look out for me because when my time comes, I long to hold you in my arms and make a fuss of you for ever.

ZiZi Mayer: 3rd July 2000- 2nd February 2015. x

PS. I may well get another cat one day because you have shown me what beauty is. It will never be another you, I'm certain of that.

Au revoir,my darling.xx
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I am so very sorry for your loss.
Lee (Mack's and Hannah's and Heidi's and Janie's dad)

Fragile Circle

"We who choose to surround ourselves with lives even more temporary than our own, live within a fragile circle, easily and often breached.
Unable to accept its awful gaps, we still would live no other way.
We cherish memory as the only certain immortality,
never fully understanding the necessary plan."

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Zizi is watching over you.   He is just a heartbeat away. 
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Thank you. We have laid our boy to rest in a favourite spot in the garden. It is marked by a Cat statue that my husband's grandfather carved about 100 years ago. The Cat will watch over him.xx
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I love you for ever and always,my beautiful lad.xx
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Lit a candle for you today. I am trying to focus on the good times we shared. Miss you like crazy. xx
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I am sorry for the loss of your dear boy Zizi. I read about your life with Zizi in your first post and it was very touching. He was there with you through so much in life and I am sure that he will always be remembered as a treasured companion. I had a tabby cat named Missy for all of the years that my 2 daughters were growing up. She was an absolute sweetheart and to this day I think of her fondly and miss her. The way you describe Zizi is so like how she was.
 I know that it is a so hard to loose them. I lost my beloved Lab mix named Coco this past Dec.7th. She spent 10 yrs. with me, my companion, like a daughter to me as my girls had grown and moved on. They really do complete the family in so many ways. When they leave, they take so much with them as they are so entwined into the fabric of our lives.
Thank-you for sharing......peace and healing to you in the coming days................Sincerely, Andrea.
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Thank you, Andrea. We see so much of life with our pets. It seems so empty without him. I hope that you have good memories of Coco to see you through.xx
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It is two weeks ago today that you left us.

You had always seemed so healthy and vital but I can see now that you were getting old.
Parting is hard and I look forward to the day when we will see each other again.

I love you, my Darling. xx
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It is now 3 weeks since we lost you and I haven't been able to settle to anything today. I still miss you and think of you all the time. You are loved. <3 xx
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