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Ok, so I need to get out on my run, but first, Cindy to honor your post to honor my baby I am going to share a memory.  Lets each of us do this and smile.

Patch loved Christmas greenery.  When I would get it out at Christmas he would dive into it and roll around.  His eyes would get those black cat eyes when they are playing - cat owners know what I am referring to.  I would leave a pile on the floor all through the season so he could have his play time.

What is a great memory for you? 
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Pecan loved garbage days.  She had a little ritual for years.  She would wait by the garage gate impatiently, she would run out to the side of the house and bark, then she would run around the house, then she would potty, and then she would come back to help me with taking the garbage and the recycling to the curb side. She would go back and forth with me.  We used to joke and say garbage days are Pecan’s favourite day.  She was also eager to come with me every morning to drive the girls to school.  She was the first one out of the door.  God I miss her so much but this brought smile to my face.  Thank you for this🙏🏼🐾💖🐶
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Thank you for the kind thoughts.
As I mentioned in your other post it will be coming up on three months since I had to say goodbye to Albert. Although it has been slowly getting better I still have the odd bad day and although my heart has started to heal it will be a long time yet. Your positive thoughts and thinking can really help. Be strong and positive for our little ones as that's what they would want.
A memory of Albert :
If you were not out of bed at cat breakfast time Albert would come up to see why you were not out of bed yet. If I was still sleeping he would sit on my chest and gently tap my cheek with one paw. If this did not wake me up he would pop out one claw and gently tap again. This always made me laugh. Breakfast was an important part of Albert's day 🙂

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Thank you Bigcatsdad and Pecan mom for sharing your good memories.  I got a chuckle from both.  

Bless you as you go through your day.  Love lasts forever - even if our loved one is no longer with us.
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LaGata had a morning ritual too.  She did figure 8's around my legs while demanding breakfast.  That was special....but her bathroom antics will always make me smile and cry.  Any time I was in the bath, she demanded to be brushed and she would nip at my ankles if I wasn't fast enough.  She loved brushing, but she made this deep rumbling purr when I brushed her whiskers.  I will never forget that sound
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My family dog sat for our family friends one time, and the dog was friends with our dog, Koka. One day the dog was threatening my cat, who was hissing and yowling, and Koka came over and stood right between them, protecting my cat. I will never forget that, because she was such a tiny hotdog but she did it anyways. 
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Great memories - I hope everyone got a smile.  Our pets are truly gifts given to us for caretaking.  They give us so much.  I cannot imagine life without them.

Thank you for all of yours posts.  Please keep posting our great memories of our sweet babies.

I remember Patch had a cat tower by the window.  He would do his "superman" cat when the sun was on the tower.  He would stretch out to full length and his head and legs would hang over the ends.  One thing about cats - they do know how to relax.
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JulieF, thank you for the suggestion of posting happy sweet memories of our babies here. I'm sorry I've been delayed in doing this, but I have SO many happy sweet memories of things my Buddy did. Here are a few:

- After he'd use the litterbox, Buddy would run from it across 2 rooms to leap up onto his cat tree, in the window in the living room. I used to ask him if he was running away from the smell he left behind! 😉

- Every morning, when I'd go into the bathroom to use the toilet, Buddy would come in to hang out with me. 90% of the time he'd jump up onto my lap as I was sitting there (you are all my soul friends, so I'm not embarrassed to say this!). He'd stay there for a good long while as I'd pet him and check my email on my phone. (C'mon, I'm sure many of you do this too!) And every time, he'd be so happy as I pet him on my lap, he'd inadvertently claw up my knees ("making biscuits" on my bare skin). 🙂

- My husband and I moved across the country 5.5 years ago; he drove cross-country first, then I followed (with Buddy) 8 months later, after I got our old house repaired & on the market for sale. On the first overnight for Buddy & me, we stayed in a motel. I brought him into the room after about 8 hours in his carrier, and let him roam the room overnight. In the morning, I searched & searched but could not find him ANYWHERE. I panicked and started thinking the worst... then somehow I thought to pull out the night stand next to the bed. There was a TINY opening at the bottom back, against the wall. Buddy had squeezed in there and was curled up in the bottom section of the night stand, all enclosed. An amazing feat, considering he was a big boy (like Jeff's big black cat Albert).

- One more: I arrived at our new home almost 2,000 miles away, after driving with Buddy being so good in his carrier for 4 days. The morning after I arrived, the movers came with the huge van full of our furniture & belongings. After they moved it all into the house, I couldn't find Buddy anywhere. Once again, I panicked, looked everywhere, thought he must have gotten out when the movers had the doors open - even though I watched them & the doors like a hawk to make sure that did NOT happen. Finally, after HOURS of searching & freaking out, something told me to look in the fireplace in our new master bedroom... specifically, UP in the fireplace. Lo and behold, two green eyes stared back at me. He had climbed up into the chimney and was sitting on the open flue. I encouraged him down from there, and made him promise he'd NEVER scare Mama like that again. He never did. <3
Cindy (Buddy’s mama)
My baby Buddy 5/4/10-3/7/20, rescued March 2011
My sweet Mandy 11/27/91-11/2/10, rescued November 1992
My beautiful Barney 4/28/73-9/7/92, adopted May 1973
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I’m reading your messages to all this hurting people and I’m trying to breathe through my pain, as well. I lost my sweetheart Lola 11 days ago. She was black and always scared of everything, but  6 years after I rescued her when she was a baby, we were finally happy together. We had many great moments in my bed before, When she was purring her little heart out, always watching me with only one eye open...but recently she was coming straight to my room in the morning making biscuits on the fur next to my bed, talking in her sweet language as she finally allowed me to touch her.
And when I was sure we’ll grow old together, cancer stroke...
If I knew ...I would have spend more time with her, I would have given her more gravy when she was able to eat, I would have kept her closer to my heart...and she would have known how loved she is and she would have shown me that she is suffering ...

I sorely miss my little innocent soul.
And now I feel like I’m failing my husband.
He is very patient with me...but seeing me struggling with so much pain he asked me if I still have a little corner left in my soul for him...
I found your inspiring message and I’m thinking of you every time when I feel like I’m not going to be happy again...
Lola was going insane with joy every time when she was seeing her brother, Magic Max. She was always silent but when she saw him she was rubbing her little face on him and she was talking to him: hey, here you are, where have you been? I missed you! Now I’m dreaming of how she found Buddy and they cuddle together.
Thank you and let’s honor our beloved angels life the best way we can: being kind to ourselves and Loving with our families.

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thanks for this
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