How do the rest of you guys handle insensitive morons?

Many of you have seen my story of Zoey who I lost on monday. Its been a rough week with its ups and downs. I got many lovely replies to my post on here, and you're all wonderful people. I thank you so much. Most of my friends sent condolences.

I've tried not to bother friends and family by talking to them about Zoey or posting much on Facebook. A couple times I brought it up and the other people seemed incredibly awkward about it so I figured maybe I should keep my mouth shut.

I mentioned something about this site to someone whom I thought was one of my best human friends this morning and they said "Wow you're STILL upset over your dog?"
I was crushed. I didn't even know how to tell them that was extremely hurtful so I let it drop.

Then someone else whose a friend I only know over the internet said to me "You should go out and replace your old dog today. Its the best thing you could do for your daughter."
That just made me livid. I told them as politely as I could that this wasn't the right time for my daughter and I to get another pet, and they got all pissy and started a fight with me over it. Like..for real? You, lowly keyboard warrior, somehow know whats right for me? Not to mention it being a holiday weekend and all.

I don't even know what to say to these kinds of folks. What do you guys do? Do you ignore it or tell them where they can shove it?
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Just feel sorry for them because they have clearly not experienced the pure joy of the special bond we have with our beloved pets. My family and most of my friends seem to understand as they are animal lovers but there are some awful insensitive people out there who I could quite easily slap! When we had to say goodbye to our beautiful Molly we didn't go to a wedding and our last minute replacement said to our friends he was glad our dog had gone that day because he had a nice time! They were horrified and thought he was an arse hole. If I was there I would have lost it like a screaming banshee and not worried about the consequences! If someone said anything I know I would get very upset and would probably have to tell them how insensitive they are being and not care what they think of me and I really am quite a soft person who doesn't like confrontation. Where my darling sweetheart is concerned though no one puts a blight on my love for her!! X
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I so agree with Evie,  I always think there are 3 types of people, those who don`t care for animals, those that have animals but don`t particularly care so much about them, and those who love their animals and treat them like they`re part of the family. 
 I also had someone who I USED to think of as a good friend say to me a couple of days after losing my beloved dog Jim - `Just go out and get another one `.  That was one person crossed off my Christmas card list, I certainly don`t need someone so cold hearted in my life.  
 So in answer to your question, I`d ignore them - permanently.
                                Hugs, Jackie

J Taylor
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shinjaejun, unfortunately the ones who make these statements more than likely don't have animals in their home or have never become emotionally attached to one.  either the person gets what any animal companion can offer to improve one's life or they don't and just make complete idiotic statements that we should feel sorry for them.  it's almost easy to tell an animal person from a "no I don't have animals in my home and don't want any either" people from the way they react when we express our losses of our beloved companions to them.  mostly myself I have come across the animal lovers who wrap you in a hug and tell you it's alright to cry, you need to.  however, a few have been of the negative statements and I've told them that I was sorry they felt that way because animals (especially dogs and cats who are indoors with us) help us through so many stresses and actually help keep us healthy.  awww hon both you and your daughter's loss is very recent and that wound is still wide open and raw so if someone, anyone thinks a human being can simply turn emotions off and be "over it" just 4 days after then that is one cold hearted human being...or like I said, someone who just has never had pets or been loved by extraordinary ones as we have been blessed with.  the grief does become more manageable but not sure it ever really goes away because we'll still have a few bad days mixed in with good and ok ones.  i'm so sorry you have run into some real insensitive people but we know how you're feeling sweetie and we're here for you.  wishing you a blessed easter to you and your daughter with many hugs
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Wow...."You're STILL upset about your dog?"...
I could understand someone saying that to me after 5 years maybe, but not after 4 days! It has been 3 years and 10 months since my girl left this world, and though I can cope and get on with life I still miss her very deeply. I will miss her all my life.
The person who said that to you may be very nice in many ways but sure isn't a soul friend.

People pushing you into 'getting a replacement' so soon after is not a good idea either. You will know when/if the right time for adopting again comes to you. And that is your choice. People probably mean well with that particular idea, and it can work for some, but anyone being pushy about knowing what is right for YOU right now....well I think I might tell them very gently to shove it.

My deepest condolences and my kindest thoughts right now.
Hold the love like a little light. It is all you have, or will ever have, to find your way home.

Misty's Blog..a Dogfight with Cancer

Misty's life after death:
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Everyone who knows me well understands Molly was like a baby to us, especially me, and those who don't I would tell them that and she was my world. I hope there couldn't be a negative comeback from that or the person would be simply cruel. I could be wicked myself and share that we couldn't have children and really make them squirm...
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Some people are so insensitive.  I know just how you feel it is over three years since I lost my darling pony Zorrick.  Someone said to me that I should have forgotten about him by now.  I said how can you just forget about 29 years of your life.  I will never forget him and neither would I want to.  To me he was perfection.  Just the same as your furbabies were to you.  It reminds me of that poem Just a Dog.  They are never just a dog just a cat just a pony or whatever.  They are a part of your family that love us unconditionally.  That is what these people just cannot seem to grasp.  Is it really so difficult to comprehend the love we feel for our furbabies?
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For me it's pretty simple, if anyone in my life says, "Just a dog." and all that blather, they won't have to worry about me anymore, period. HOWEVER, anyone of consequence in my life, knew my dog, and knew how special she really was.  

So, I guess I'm lucky. But I have zero tolerance for anyone who discounts the value of a relationship (of any kind) that lasts as long as most of ours with our dogs have. 

No one would say, "You're still sad about you're (insert family member here) dying?", yet when it's and animal, somehow that's different. 

People like that, aren't worth worrying about. 

I consider myself a pretty tough guy, I've been 'downrange', and I've stared my own possible demise in the face several times. Been in spots most people wouldn't believe. And it never took me more than a few days to get on with things, and not worry about whatever it was.

But this dog, we were best buddies. We slept in five star hotels, and gravel lots. We ate steak on the beach, and drank pond water more than once. If she wouldn't go a place in the wild, I 'listened' to her. When she didn't like someone, and this dog loved people, I shined them on (missed alot of trouble that way to be sure). My Red Dog was very special in every way. As were all of your dogs, to you. I never doubt for a second this dog would have thrown herself in a lions mouth, and choked him to death to save me. I could go on and on, but all of you folks get it. 

I think maybe my perspective is a bit different because my Red Dog and me worked some land, a herd of goats, and a flock of sheep for almost five years. And she was born to live that life, she was a Red Cloud Kelpie. So I relied on her to take care of a considerable investment, and she did, with almost no training.

When I had to send her on her way, it was the hardest decision I ever had to make. And pity the fool who says, "Just a dog, get over it.". But the people who matter, supported my decision, indeed, I begged everyone to talk me out of it. But all who saw her (and knew her) knew it was right. It hurt like nothing ever, and I've been to the wars. 

I have a cattle rancher buddy, and he raises Border Collies as well, and on the day I had to put down my Red Dog, I went over to see him. I had to feel some dogs, you know? This is a tough old guy, one I wouldn't want to be on the bad side of, but he 'gets it'. And he got more than a bit choked up himself, cause he knew my dog, and she loved this dude.

But he says to me, "This is part of the deal, and after 40 years of breeding these dogs, it never gets any easier.". Good old Bill, then he went on to tell me about his last 'Ride along dog', and what happened to him, and he was visibly distraught, and it had been two years. So, we talked a while, and he says, "Boy (which made me chuckle) go on home now, you'll be alright. And you'll love another dog, we always do." 

Pity the fool who says, "Just a dog." And then say goodbye to them, or not, cause they aren't worth your time. Not worth worrying about, trust me. Cause to people like us, it's never 'just a dog'. Take heart, we all love dogs, and that ain't nothin' sugar.




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For those type of people, I AVOID them like the plague & don't consider them as real friends.
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