My hope is now quickly fading, and my fears are growing that I'll never see Miss Kitty again. But my memories of Miss Kitty remain strong, and she will always have a special place in my heart. 

Good bye Miss Kitty wherever you are. I will always love you.

Miss Kitty's friend

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Im so sorry..this has to be so so hard. my prayers are with you Judy

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I'm truly so sorry.  What a terrible way to lose such a loved furbaby.  But, I'm glad you wise beyond your years to realize she lives on in your heart through your love. My hope is that she is comfortable and  happy whether in this world or the next.  You'll see her again someday, David.  God bless you. I'm sure you will ontinue to love your animals as your do.  There are so many who don't get to have a loving home. 
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I'm so sorry for you and Miss Kitty.  I know it is so heartbreaking and I feel so bad for what you're going through.  Miss Kitty is so beautiful with such a sweet, pretty face.

I've thought about you and Miss Kitty since your first post and it's been bugging me that I haven't wrote back to you.  It's because I feel guilty.  I had a male cat that looked almost identical to her.  Although he had a gray spot on his right "lip" and a gray spot on the left side of his chin.  I named him Checkers.  I had Checkers and his sister, Pinkie, before I had Tootie.  However, they were both so jealous of Tootie and were so cruel to her.  They would viciously attack her.  And Tootie was so sweet.  It wasn't fair to her.  Fortunately I was able to successfully re-home them with a lady that worked at a cat rescue shelter.  She took them into her home and kept them.  I know they were well cared for.

That's the reason I've been slack in checking on you.  It's because of my own guilt and it wasn't fair to you.

You will always have your love for Miss Kitty to keep close to your heart.  She was very lucky to have had you David.  My heart goes out to you.


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