I ordered my Cuddle Clone of Lucy back in December and received it today. I am a little disappointed that it doesn't look very much like Lucy but I guess that would be near impossible to achieve. If you are thinking of purchasing something like this, take a look at the pictures I posted and decide for yourself if it would be worth the price to you.

Lucy cuddle clone 1.jpg 
Lucy cuddle clone 2.jpg  Lucy cuddle clone 3.jpg
~ Leah
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Thank you Leah for sharing
I have been looking at this site
I think they do a better job with likenesses of dogs than cats which seem to more resemble foxes
But you're correct I think it's very difficult to capture a likeness,especially for those of us so enamored of our animals..nothing could ever capture how beautiful and special they are!

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I am so sorry you are disappointed after all that wait time. You can return it for a refund (30 days) except the shipping costs. If you feel no connection to it maybe that would be best? Seems they have some very good artists and some not.

I have returned a few things that weren't as I expected with other items. I am crossing my fingers that mine will be ok because Side had unique markings and was a small stocky dog, more stuffed animal size.

Thanks for sharing your pictures.
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I ordered a CC in February of 2015 and finally received it yesterday. I spent months choosing photos, knowing the risk I was taking, trying to ensure they could make no mistake in replicating my cat, Caylee Marie. How wrong I was. This is disgusting. Not only does she look like a dog, her markings and coloring is inaccurate. They turned her beautiful black with white specs on her back into black and gray blotches. Hard to see in this photo, but trust me on it. Yes they accept returns, but the returned clones are resold to random people who want to "adopt" them! I feel uncomfortable returning my clone. It has my cats name on it. I don't want someone else getting a clone of my cat, even if it is imperfect. This company should be ashamed of themselves. They should allow people to approve the process prior to shipment and if they make mistakes, they should redo the clones at no additional cost.

I am devastated. If you look at their gallery on site, so many other clones were done so meticulous and they look perfect, while people like us get screwed over. That looks nothing like your dog and I understand your frustration.

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Hi thebeforegirl,

Yes, I would be disappointed too if that's how they made my cat look. Maybe they could remake it for you without you having to send the first one back? I was really hoping to have mine look just like Lucy but I am frequently disappointed in the customer service I receive with most places. My toddler has grown attached to the fake Lucy so I won't be returning mine, but that's some expensive little toy he's got! Good luck to you whichever you decide. I'm sorry yours didn't turn out how you had hoped either.
~ Leah
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