I’m thinking about my dog thatcher who I had to put down two weeks ago.😢😢😩💔💔. I’ve never felt so sad in all my life. I’m 62. I’can’t stand the pain in my heart and in the pit of my stomach. what I’ve started to do, is when I picture him in my mind, I quickly block his image and I can bury the pain for a short time. I feel out of site out of mind. My gut tells me to stop doing that and just go through the pain even if I bury the feeling it always comes out somewhere. Has anyone else had this feeling. I’m so devastated. Thatcher my first and only pet.
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It will take time . I have to push sad thoughts away. My Bailey crossed over three weeks ago and my life just is not the same. Think of your baby often and if you have to cry go ahead. It will get better! He will always be in your heart❤️
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I’m so sorry for your loss. I have had dogs (and other pets) my whole life and it’s always hard when they leave us and each one is always special in their own unique way.
I’m having a difficult time getting over the loss of my Dobbs which was the beginning of April. I still cry when I think of him ...
I decided to get another dog, but they never take the place in your heart for the one you lost. Instead they just expand your heart more.
As time goes by you will heal but go ahead and grieve because it’s normal. The unconditional love and support of a dog can even sometimes be better than many people .. in my experience so many people have conditional love .. except (I believe and feel) the love for a mother for her child .. our fur babies are like our children only they stay dependent on us forever.

Hugs to you
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I too lost my little dog two weeks ago yesterday. I understand your pain and loss. It is so very hard. I miss my little beauty Missy
(Pomeranian) every day. But, each night I pray that she is well and I cherish her memory-as tough as it is. I have her ashes beside my bed, with her collar and one of her favourite squeaky toys. I kiss her every night and tell her we love her and miss her. I look at pictures when I can without crying and know I’m my heart I did the best thing for her. Please try to find peace... we are all hoping to find solace in this very trying time. I know we all love our dear pets so much and this is why we have connected on this site! To give comfort and support and to remember our dear pets as they would want us to. They never want us to feel sad. Be strong! Be strong for yourself and the memory of your dear dog. I’m sure you where a wonderful, loving Mommy. I’m so sorry for your loss. Please find the courage to move forward each day. Hugs .
Missy’s Mom. ❤️🐶🦊🌸🌈
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Hello Cecelia and everybody else,

I am sorry for your loss and I feel your pain. It has been 6 days now that I had to let my little cat Nani go at 10 years young. It is is a struggle but i am accepting that the pain is part of it.

I am somewhat fortunate to still have her brother around, but it makes it also a bit harder because I can see he misses her too.

Personally I do not want to block her images in my mind. I even put her picture on my phone and computer as a background so that I can look at her whenever I want. The first days I did that were hard but whenever I started crying I let my tears flow and then started thinking about funny moments we had. The little licks she gave me, her loud meowing around the house to get attention. And I notice I get a smile on my face. I keep doing that because I want to remember my Nani fondly, not in a sad way.

We ALL love our fur babies, and they love us, remember that love and the happy moments you had, not the sad last two weeks. I think he wouldn't want that either, he'd want you to smile and laugh.
Erik, Nani and Nikki
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I am truly sorry for your loss.
My boy died the day before the semester started at uni. I didn't want to cry in front of my classmates or my flatmates. It was painful. A month later I started crying every day. I joined this forum for help. Grief helped me a lot, and all the kind people here.
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Dear Cecelia, What a wonderful face on your boy! Thank you for sharing his & your story. I too lost my boy 4 weeks ago today. His name was Marmalade (an orange and white Tabby cat.) And I too feel that pain in my heart and in the pit of my stomach, like you do. We all do here it seems. I am glad that your and your pups paths crossed the way that they did, and that he experienced, love, affection, adoration and comfort from someone so loving and caring as you. All pets should be so fortunate. May God bless & keep you during this difficult time. Just continue to travel through time, be gentle with yourself and if necessary yes...block out those emotions until you heal-up a little more. That is natural and normal to do, if it helps you to overcome your grief. Take care. XO


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Hi Cecilia,

How handsome Thatcher was and I am so glad you decided to connect with others on this forum.  We have all experienced the devastation you feel and completely understand your grief and overwhelming loss over Thatcher.  Most of us could not find the extended support for our loss as most people in our lives think we just need to "Get over it."  I can tell you that it takes time.  You don't "get over" the loss anymore than you "get over" the joy they brought into your life.  You will, in time, learn to live with the loss.  But it is always there, just like the way they forever changed your life will always be with you. 

I am just about 1 year out after the devastating loss of my best friend and sweet companion, Daisy.  It still hurts and I still cry over her loss, but I can now celebrate her life too. Each day you'll move through the grief.  Experience it all.  Even days of great pain are moving forward; those are days when you realize the entirety of your loss.  They are necessary and be gentle and kind to yourself as you experience them.  I hope you will also find moments of peace along the way and days where you remember the joy and happy memories.   One day you realize that it is worth the pain of loss to experience such love. 

For me, I knew I needed another companion and 4 months after Daisy passed, I adopted an 8 week old puppy.  MANY people though it was too soon and I did not have the full support of my family, most notably, my husband.  But I stuck to my gut, worked through my loss, grief and even guilt over adopting again.  Bonding with my puppy, Luna did not happen right away.  I thought I had made a huge mistake, but she squirmed her way into my heart and I think letting myself love her is Daisy's legacy.  Luna is now 10 months old and such a love.  We are completely devoted to each other and, even though I know I will also have to someday let her go too, I love each and every precious day with her.  I think that is also the lesson I learned from Daisy; celebrate each day.

You will find love and understanding here on this forum as we are all here to help, listen and support.
Lori, Daisy's Mom and now Luna's Mom
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Hi Cecelia,

I am sorry for your loss. It may take a while for your pain to ease up. I am better than in the beginning, but I have my moments. I can feel okay and then I will burst into tears. I often think if I don't think about little guy that I am forgetting him. I worry if I don't think about him each day that I will lose my love for him. This coming weekend it will be 6 months since he unexpectedly passed (Xmas Eve). He was 6. I never got to say goodbye. My first loss, too. I was devastated for a long time.

While I do things around the house, I listen to music to put me in another time and place. I'm okay during that time, but something later may stir up a memory and I may have a meltdown. Some of his muddy paw prints are on my back car seats and one on my console. Sometimes seeing them makes me cry, sometimes I'm okay. Your loss is very new. What you are going through is normal. You may feel like you are having a good day and then all of a sudden you may break down crying.  You've come to the right place. This forum will offer you comfort and peace to help you heal.

Again, I am very sorry for your loss. One day at a time. Take care. 

~ Parker's Mom
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RedFox wrote:
I am truly sorry for your loss.
My boy died the day before the semester started at uni. I didn't want to cry in front of my classmates or my flatmates. It was painful. A month later I started crying every day. I joined this forum for help. Grief helped me a lot, and all the kind people here.
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I’m sorry I did not see your post!. I hope you are feeling a bit better. It’s almost two months and I still cry every day!! They say grieving is a process and it’s different for everyone. But the loss of our beloved pets I’m sure we all feel the same. As I read some posts it could be me writing - it’s good for me to be on a site where everyone understands your pain. Hang in there and sometimes I feel a little better after a good cry.
Sending 🤗 hugs.
Thatcher’s mom
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