It's been 13 weeks today since we lost Coop. We filed complaints with the state vet board and then later asked that the vet reimburse us for the cost of our new puppy. I know she doesn't replace Cooper, and this money doesn't make it ok, but we felt like he should do something and this seemed to make sense. So they've agreed and I've been speaking with their insurance agent, who is handling it. They want us to sign a release. I've been going back and forth with them over the terms, as they are pretty ridiculous. I just feel like, they took the most precious thing from us and they want to make us even more miserable by arguing over a small amount of money. So I sent a nasty email to the insurance guy and copied the vet's office manager so she would know what I really thought of them. I know it wasn't a nice thing to do but it made me feel better. They should all know what an awful vet he is. I haven't gotten angry at all really since we lost Coop but this is starting to really upset me.
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i am all for venting and im glad im glad that u r. especially glad that u let the manager know what a crappy and lousy vet this one is. we all know its not at all about the money. its about this awful useless vet being in someway held accountable and responsible for his actions. U go girl and i send u my support in pursuing this all the way. xoxoxoxo
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I agree that something should be done.  Without consequences, there will be no one taking responsibility.  Someone made a mistake and they need to truly understand the depth of the pain they caused.  I felt like posting a sign on the street where Ted got hit.  The coward that hit him didn't even stop.  I have no doubt that it was unintentional but how callous to leave a dog in the road.  He was still alive too.  Thank God I was not far and was able to get to him before he died.  He died in my arms on the way to the E-Vet.  I want to scream it from the rooftops.  I am glad everyone hear cares enough to listen...I hope you rplight gets easier.  I applaud your conviction.
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Maybe your complaint will make this vet more careful with the next patient so you may well be saving another despite your own loss. 



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Good for you-I commend your fight for Cooper and all the dogs that will hopefully be saved by your struggle.
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