I can't stop having these obsessive thoughts / stress about my dog being buried. I am having a really hard time coping with the thoughts that my dog was here for 13 years and now is out there in the ground all alone under a bunch of dirt and thoughts of what's going on with her body. If that makes any sense, I can't really describe well what I'm feeling. Is anyone else going through anything similar?
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It does make sense. We don't stop caring and loving them even though they're no longer with us in body. When we had Spike put to sleep (he was also 13yrs of age) I obsessed about what if he wasn't dead and was afraid and alone. I was even tempted to phone the vet to be sure. I didn't but it did haunt me until I knew he had been cremated. But then I thought what if he'd still been alive when he was cremated. It took a good few weeks for rational thinking to return.
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Hi Shaley17,  I`m so sorry for your loss. I think most of us here will understand the thoughts you`re having. Two of my previous dogs were buried and I often used to worry about what if they were still alive - maybe just be in a coma, which was completely irrational as I`d  seen both of them after they passed.   When we lost Jim 9 months ago, we decided to have him cremated, we had to have him put to sleep and I stayed with him during it and for a long while after, so I knew for certain he had gone over the Bridge. 
 As to your thoughts about what`s happening to your dogs body, it makes complete sense to me. I think its part of the grieving process that makes thoughts like this play on our minds, you loved and cared for your dog for all those years and a part of you wants to know exactly whats happening even now to her.  Our minds are all over the place while we`re grieving, and we act and think in irrational ways.  I really wouldn`t worry about it if I were you,  things will slowly get a little better in time. Take care.

J Taylor
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Hi Shaley, I completely understand how you are are feeling my friend. Of course it is completely natural to still want the best for your dear girl. She is not alone under the ground, she is running free with all of our beautiful babies at the bridge. I keep Molly alive inside my heart and the memories in my mind because that's where she belongs and would want to be. I hope you can try to do the same, not think of your baby as the physical space but as being with you wherever you go. If she is nearby, you could maybe plant a bush or flowers, which in essence she is helping to bring to life as a mark of respect to her memory? I hope you find peace, it will take time and even if your heart never completely heals, as I know mine won't, you will come to accept that she is not alone but with you always. Sending you love an hugs. Xxx
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Hi Shaley,
I was having the same thoughts even though the vet checked him for a heartbeat to make sure. I thought I was going to loose my mind because Milt hated being away from me. The only way I can cope is to think he isn't in his body anymore and his spirit is still alive.

They say it gets better and I'm glad to be going away this weekend because my house is too quiet right now.

Thinking of you. Wishing you some peace.

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Yes I know what going thought I lost my beloved pet dog Darcy on 24 august 2013 it all happon to quick and Darcy was  buried but some reson the vets won't let me vist her grave at vet really miss my little lamb tail even got two beautiful cats Sydnee and Annabel I always worry what happon to Darcy body? these are my thought I too stress about my dog being buried but know it my choice at time because was put on the spot but want do now every 24 August  I get some flower do a Darcy garden and nice way rember my little lamb tail. I always know I love Darcy to the end and miss her too and sometime wish she  back even when she she was gone I still feed her when she wasn't there but Know Darcy is spirt with me.
I just want say Sorry for your lost 
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Dear Shaley,
I am so sorry about your loss. I think those thoughts must be very natural, upsetting though they are.
I buried my own girl's body. Her grave became a special, sacred place to me, but each morning I went out there yes I did think what was happening to her body under that earth (she loved the smell of earth, loved it so much)
I planted flowers on her grave and put a little solar light, and a pretty butterfly on a wire stick. And in the middle was a single tiny Nasturtium. Well each day I went out the Nasturtium grew bigger and bigger, and put out so many red yellow and orange flowers. It grew so massive, I had to buy the largest stick from the garden center to hold it up. It grew to eight feet tall. I knew why. Because of the rich ground. Somehow that didn't upset me, when I saw all the glorious flowers, and hundreds of bees and butterflies came to the flowers.
It brought tears to my eyes but it was such a beautiful use of her old sick body. She blessed the earth. She blessed all the creatures who needed the flowers.  I gathered the seeds, and each year planted again from the seeds off each summer's plant. Every year I have the descendents of that little (eventually huge!) plant which grew over her dead body.

I also thought "What if she wasn't dead?" When I buried her it was about 3-4 hours after she had passed, and she still didn't have rigor mortis. I waited as long as I could but it was June and I couldn't bear the flies getting on her. Not one fly went near her. Anyway I buried her.

It was days later when I started to worry "I wonder if she was really dead?"
I think that might be a part of grieving too.

Later I found out she wasn't really dead. That her lovely Spirit was very much alive. Only her sick body had died. The body she couldn't use any more and which she left behind to bless the earth.

So I also now wonder if those thoughts are because we instinctively know that they do not really die. Only the message kind of gets tangled up, so we think their bodies might have survived in some weird way...?
Hold the love like a little light. It is all you have, or will ever have, to find your way home.

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