I let my baby go last night and I am having a hard time coping.  I feel like it was not my place to euthanize him but he was in so much pain.  We didn't know what to do.  Cancer had taken over his stomach, he could no longer eat or drink, and he was vomiting blood and having breathing problems.  He was an angel from the very first day we brought him home when he was a little kitten.  We had him for 15 years and everyday he was by my side.  He was the sweetest cat, always wanted to be close to me.  I miss him so much.
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Trixie, the tears are flowing. I said good bye to my baby girl on 7/19. I pray our babies are running and playing pain free. My Sassy had lung cancer. I watched her go from a vibrant goofy Shar Pei to a fatigued girl who could barely breathe. I too am struggling. I miss her so much but I know it will get better. Sweetie, our babies depended on us to love them so much that we'd sacrifice for them when they were healthy and love them so much that we'd allow our hearts to break and never mend when we had to let them go. Know that your baby will always be with you. I have asked God to bring me together with Sassy and my other babies when my time comes and I know He will. You'll be with your baby too. Stay strong and don't be afraid to grieve.
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