My daughter's cat died of stomach and eye cancer. Should she be concerned about the other pets and even her young daughters that the cancer came from something in their home possibly?
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BarbB wrote:
My daughter's cat died of stomach and eye cancer. Should she be concerned about the other pets and even her young daughters that the cancer came from something in their home possibly?

Hi BarbB,

For whether any one thing lead to the cancer... More than likely not. But perhaps she is aware of something happening? Of the cat having been exposed to something, like a pesticide? Was her cat exposed to a virus, or had it been sick prior? There is evidence linking viruses to cancer...

Honestly, we are exposed to so much on a daily basis, it’s impossible to know what actually started the cancer. Usually it isn’t any one thing, but a manifestation of a cascade of events. Our genetics determine if it comes out as cancer or some other disease. Our pets are given many vaccines, flea & tick preventatives, dewormers, poor quality food etc. in their lifetimes that it could come from any of that. All of those have toxins. Not to mention the things we can’t control in air quality, chemicals our neighbors use, etc.

I am someone who is into living as natural a life as is reasonable for me in our modern age. I have chemical sensitivities myself, and after my mom died of cancer in 2008, I tried to be as organic and natural as possible in my own home. I have fed my dogs an organic homemade diet for two years now, before that, a supposed quality dehydrated raw diet. That said, my dog still got cancer and died almost 3 weeks ago. I have another dog that has a mystery condition causing seizures.

Sometimes, even with the best of efforts, you just can’t control things like this. You can do the best you can. But the truth is, we live in a toxic world. There is so much we don’t understand of what impacts us, the planet, the animals, it would be impossible to create an environment in which it’s guaranteed to not lead to any disease or cancer.

All that said though, I do feel taking reasonable steps is a good thing and can help lead to a healthier life. Looking at personal care products, beauty products, cleaners we use in our home, our food, our furniture, etc., the average product can be quite toxic. There is information out there showing the effects these products have on our bodies and the environment. There are even documentaries on Netflix about this. I think educating oneself on this can be very eye opening. And there are REASONABLE things we can do in this regard that can benefit us and our health. They aren’t guarantees, but they are a start.
—Loving Riley, Rosy & Axl always 🐾

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I find the previous answer just perfect, but I want to add something I learned from a lot of cancer articles I read in the past few weeks.

Our immune system can fight tiny cancer cells all the time, unless there's something affecting it. That's why an organic lifestyle can help everyone a lot. Eating fresh vegetables and fruits, juices and meat can help our immune system work at its best. But yes, there are no guarantees.

In my family we got concerned about a brand of dog food. We gave that food to one tiny pooddle we rescued literally from the streets and she died two months after being here, she was bleeding from her stomach and bowels... Nala who passed just last Monday ate the same food. We never had a problem with our other dogs who mostly ate a home made diet of chicken and rice. I will never understand why vets and some people keep insisting that a bag of food that has been industrialized can be better than a well balanced home made diet. You can look at the ibag and it says "chicken and rice", but you go look at the ingredients and it's just chicken and rice flavored, so...

One step could be changing the other pets diet. There are holistic diets everywhere nowadays. It won't hurt to try.

Regarding your grandchild... well, I was worried that we did some remodeling in the house when the tiny pooddle died. And Nala was there all the time, so... maybe there is or was something very toxic, but only a team like Dr. House's would know. In the past, people used to say that watching TV could cause brain cancer, that talking on cellphones could cause cancer. The truth is we'll never know. Some people swear cancer is caused by holding grudges and being negative. Again, we'll never know. And ir's even harder to say when cats and dogs are a little differnt from us; their body works different than ours, so... if your daughter suspects there's something toxic in the house and if she can afford to make changes, she should, at least for some peace of mind. Worrying can also affect the immune system, by the way.

Wish you, your daughter and your granddaughter the best.
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That is a valid question. There are tests for radon that your daughter could purchase. Beyond that, hiring an air quality specialist might be the way to go. Possibly totally unrelated but why take a chance! All the best, Sam
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Thank you all for your comments! Very much appreciate. Yes I understand effects of worry though I also like to stay informed and try to connect dots if possible. I can also only suggest so much. They make the choices.
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