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I read your post the other day, but could not write because it brought out too many emotions in me. My dog died suddenly and unexpectedly nine weeks ago. Scooter was healthy and the next day we had to put him to sleep, he was bleeding internally and nothing could be done. The denial, anger, emptiness, and grief at times is overwhelming. My heart goes out to you.

Take care,

Jonancy...Scooters mama
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I am sorry to hear about you sudden loss. I feel like that is the worst part. I had no time to say my proper farewells like I had always planned. I had a plan for his final days that included a large (not dog friendly) meal, a long car ride (he loved them) and a stop at the lake (he loved to swim). I knew our goodbyes would come at some point but with no warning or symptoms is heart wrenching. I will pray for you and Scooter. 
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