This is my first post here, and im an emotional wreck. So i would like to apologize in advance.

My best friend, maggie is a 5 year old great dane, we have done everything together, camping trips, hunting, fishing, anything and everything. In December she had a seizure. It was short, she came out ok. It was the first shes ever had, we became cautious of everything. In February, she had another one... she ruptured her spinal cord and lost her back half, i did everything i could to get her back to normal. Acupuncture, physical therapy, chiropractic care. We were told the healing process could take up to twelve weeks. We're currently on week 16, my baby still cant walk without my help and a harness, she hasn't been able to do anything she loves for quite some time now. Today, i made the phone call to set up euthanasia. I haven't felt heartbreak like this before, im struggling with coming to terms with losing my best friend, i can't imagine life without her. Please, consider leaving some kind words and advice, as i have never had to make a decision like this before. Thank you.
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I wish I had the words, but I don't. You made the right decision because you are putting the needs of Maggie ahead of yours, and while it is gut wrenching right now it does get better, and at least you know you took care of your little girl right to the very end. You went above and beyond what most would do and its clear how much you love her. She is very luck to have you as her Mommy. Praying for you and hoping God gives you the strength to get through this.
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My baby had epilepsy, cluster seizures. I put him down because they were getting worse. I also took him to specialists , it was so hard watching him fight that monster. And the side effect from the medicines were terrible No more seizures for him ,hes free. Your baby is free too. It's not easy , I wish I could tell you it gets easier i guess I'll never get over it but learn to live with it , I know Im suffering but he is not and that thought brings me some level of comfort. Stay strong.
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I am so sorry and my heart goes out to you. You see, I also never had to make a decision like this as Max was my first dog but I made it, simply because I loved him and did not want him to suffer any longer. And in what you wrote there I see the very same in you: Pure love for Maggie. You surely did everything you possibly could and you did take great care of her. Please know that most of us had to go through this and we understand your sadness and pain.

Please, keep coming here and tell what ever is on your mind and heart. You are not alone in this.

I wish you strengh - my good thoughts are with you
Silvia (with Max forever in my heart)


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I understand that they really are our best friends, and the pain of their deaths is agonizing for us. It seems you went above and beyond for your fur child/best friend. Kudos to you for that. You did so so much. How great is your love! So unfortunately how great your sorrow will be. It will take time but keep coming to this forum, to people who understand and who will not belittle your pain, nor ever ever tell you to hurry up out of your pain. Just try to eat and sleep as best as you can in the first weeks, even though it will be hard.
Missing and loving Scooter Forever
- Melissa
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Thank you all so much for the support, we appreciate it more than you know. Im so happy to have found this group in a time like this. We are making the most of our last days with maggie, it feels good coming to a group and not hearing things like "It's just a dog". You have all brought us some comfort during this. Again, thank you so much. Ill post updates in our last days. We are trying to do a few fun things each night for her before thursday. We're going to get ice cream tomorrow! She loves her ice cream!
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I just went through this with my best buddy Tank.  He crossed the rainbow bridge on Friday, and it was the hardest thing ever.  We did the same thing with Tank, got him ice cream, chicken fingers, and he loved it.   My heart goes out to you at this difficult time.   I personally had the vet come to the house to do it, so he was on his favorite spot on the couch with his favorite people by his side.   Your baby will know she's loved.  

But, you are doing the selfless, loving thing for your Maggie.   So sorry, and hope you are ok. 

Cammy Ripley
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I'm so sorry too. When I lost my Stormy was same month my brother's dachshund developed spinal injury. Same month a neighbor lost his beloved pug. So we all lost someone we loved so much.
All of us here together in love
Sorry about Tank as well.
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