I'd like to share an experience I've had since my beloved Max passed in February in hopes that others will find comfort.
After 5 years of hard trials that nearly broke me in two, I had really lost my faith in God... a faith that was once very strong and without question.  I had tried to find my way back, but seemed unable to feel His presence anywhere.  I was numb.
When Max died in February, I was broken and desperate to be with him again... to feel him again.  I would close my eyes and go through the motions of running my hands over his little head, rubbing his ears, tugging and massaging the little nubbins on his "elbows."  I fnally went into church, stared at the beautiful sanctuary and alfresco painting of Jesus, knelt down and cried out to God - even though He had seemed deaf to my call all these years.
All of the sudden, I felt the spirit of my precious Max just flow through me and then wrap around me.  I knew it was him.  I just felt cloaked in his presence.  I continued to stop into church each morning before work and after dropping my son at school so I could feel Max and spend time with him.  As the days went on, I started praying about other things and got closer to God.  It seemed that Max and Jesus were standing right next to each other with dual power.  Today... just amazing... I felt my Max saying, "Mommy, I lead you back to Jesus.  I knew your heart was with me, so I brought my heart next to Jesus so you could find him."
I have struggled with the whole animals in heaven issue for years, but I can tell you for sure that God used Max to bring me to Him.  And that certainly means that Max is right there with Jesus... and isn't that heaven?  Love and comfort to you all.  Lisa
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Truly amazing and I agree....thank you for sharing.
God Bless
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Wow, that brought tears to my eyes.  Your Max sure is one determined boy.  Thank you for posting.


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Lisa, What a beautiful story!  I believe it is often in painful, difficult times that many turn to God.   I'm so very happy to hear you have found your way back.  I really do believe God uses animals to teach us many lessons.   This life is so hard and full of trials and difficulties but that is what refines us and makes us stronger and prepares us for the next life....which will be wonderful!  I wasn't sure about animals in Heaven either but then, after Scottie passed, I read a book called "Cold Noses at the Pearly Gates" which made a strong case.  It strengthened my belief that they ARE in Heaven and we will be reunited with them someday.  That gave me great comfort.    Thank you so much for sharing your experience.   Very encouraging and uplifting!  

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