There are no words only tears. That last breath is the killer to witness as life becomes an eternity of sadness and hurt. My coconut loved me unconditionally but left this earth at 7am yesterday.. She was my foot warmer, my listening ear, my armrest each night, but most my therapy healer when times were rough. I loved her so much my heart is broken, I can't believe she is gone.
The decision whether to bury or cremate has me sick. i need help deciding what to do. I,have her in,her carriage now...and I'm so confused how to let go. Please help me.

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I am so sorry for your loss of coconut, it breaks my heart to read your post. The 'therapy healer' remark is so touching, they have a way of helping us through so many difficult times, giving us a peacefulness that nothing else can, a comfort, a place to rest when we are tired. I think that is one of the things I miss the most. We all think we are helping them when they are really the ones who bring us the light and joy each day. Your choice is such a personal one I hesitate to give any advice. For me, I had mine cremated and made a memorial display on a shelf with the urn and pictures and personal effects of theirs. I knew at the time there would be a good chance that later we might move from the home we are at now, I wanted to be able to take them wherever I go. This worked for me, but again, it is a very individual choice. I pray for peace for you and blessings as you have to start this journey without coconut. Know that they are still with you, in your heart, their spirit and soul lives on, we will be reunited one day. Blessings.
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Pritrina, I’m so sorry for your loss of dear Coconut. We all know what you’re going through and are here for you. The emotions are overwhelming at first, but in time you will see that Coconut is still with you everywhere you go. She will show you signs, and your loving bond will continue to grow.

As Charlie says, the choice is a personal one. If you have a location to bury your sweet girl that you can enjoy visiting for years to come, burial may be an option for you. We chose cremation because we wanted to be able to take our girl with us and hold her. This also allows an option for mementos such as necklaces that you can add a small portion of cremains to carry your girl close to your heart. Our local pet crematorium also turned out to be one of the blessings in our loss, and we continue to attend the monthly pet support group they offer. They are such wonderful, compassionate people.

Whatever your decision, please remember Coconut is still firmly connected to you by your unique loving bond. We’re all here to support and comfort you.

Molly’s Mom...Dawn
Love you infinitely our little Molly. Forever and ever XOXO
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