so we recently lost our seven year old budgie, pepper. i've had her for 7 years, since i was 12, and i've grown up with her to be honest, and she was a huge part of my life. She was very tame, though she never learned to speak, and she never once pecked anybody, even when she was angry or frightened. she used to begin screeching and jump out of the cage and onto my shoulder whenever i was in the room, and perch on my shoulder, fluffed up, for hours at a time.

though she never learned to talk people, she would often perch on my laptop and chunter along happily at me for hours, being quiet as though listening when i spoke myself. when i was sad or angsty, as all teenage girls are, she would perch on my knee and snuggle close to me. She would even sleep on my bed sometimes, perching on the iron bedstead.

I have a hamster who sleeps on my pillow, and my Hamster Mordred practically worshipped her- he'd waddle along after her and happily chew her tail feathers, prompting a screaming match from her end. every year she would perch at the top of the christmas tree the moment it went up and screech happily, swaying backwards and forwards. she would explore the branches and ring all the bells, and sleep between the baubles.

a few weeks ago, she had a heart attack in my hands. we knew she hadn't been well for some time, and we were never sure how old she was when we bought her (she was the only adult in the ca, and she was very shy and withdrawn, at first)
So the tree's just gone up, and i'm considering begging my parents to take it down, because it just doesn't seem right without her :( am I being silly, or is it natural to miss my loyal, slightly neurotic friend?

Peps <3

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  robyn;  I, also have lost my wonderful pet. I and ALI Cat were together for 17 years. I understand how you feel, as I am going through the same thing. You know, Pepper shared a life with you that was full of love, and kindness. This shows in your description. You provided Pepper with a home, good food, and loving care. You made Pepper's life wonderful. Pepper was very lucky to have you to share this life with.
 I think that if Pepper could talk "People" with you now,  you would see how much respect you deserve for being such a good and loyal human friend for one little bird.
 On Monday night, when I light my candle, I will do it for ALI and Pepper. ~ Barbara  
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