Today I gave in to everyone telling me I should put up Christmas decorations. Got three boxes of stuff put up and when I opened the fourth box in it was Matski's stocking that is when I lost it and went to the bedroom sobbing.Last Christmas she was like a kitten again with her new toy. I still can't believe my precious Baby is gone I am so lonesome without her.

Matski my darling I love you
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Christmas is such a hard time to try and cope after a loss like this! It had to be so painful finding Matski's stocking today! 😔 I remember deciding not to decorate after we lost Bailey in November/15. Then my sister said that we should decorate the house more than we ever had, in his honour, so that when he looked down he would be so proud. I found his beautiful Shihtzu ornament and for a moment my heart stopped but then I decided to hang it where everyone could see it. I think you should do the same with Matski's stocking. Maybe you could even tuck a little note to her inside - I really believe she will know! I know it's so terribly painful! I am so sorry for your loss! 💛
Hugs, MJ
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Thank you for your post. I was thinking about not hanging any of our stockings but now you have got me to thinking about getting one for my new kitten Wren. 
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It makes me feel so happy to think of you getting a Christmas stocking for Wren! I'll bet it will make Matski very happy as well to see her mom doing something fun. Take Care and please post an update.
Sending hugs,
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Dear Chenillecat

I have a new Kitten too!

Yet,I lost my beloved Cat
Maya this past Feb.

I am still very sad 
over losing Maya same
as your sadness over 
losing your beloved

Well,many of us whom have
lost a beloved pet this year
will miss them a great deal
more at Christmas.

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I'm so sorry for your loss, I also don't want to deal with decorations, I lost my Tigger on December 1, again my heart goes out to you.
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It sucks!  We all know it sucks!  We hung our Dax's stocking and Christmas ornament the other day and I lost it.  She has been gone nearly 3 years and it still cuts like a knife.

Know this;  It will get better.  It does get better.  Time just will not move fast enough to get there from here.  Hang in there.
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You only think you are training them.  When they are gone, you finally get it.
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