I wish all the lovely people in this forum, the new ones and the old friends a wonderful Christmas time.

Some may have lost their beloved ones just a few weeks or even just days ago with a pain so immense that it seems nearly impossible to concentrate on anything except the numb and empty feeling inside, disbelief and maybe guilt. Did I do the right decision at the right moment, did I care enough and all those questions that seem to haunt us.

As time passes, we slowly learn to live with the pain and doubts and it does become possible to integrate the loss and we feel at peace with our inner self again. The wound is still there but it healed in some way. We do realize that all the memories of joy and happiness will stay on forever, that they enrich our lives until one fine day we will be reunited once again.

Christmas time is a beautiful time, a time of family get togethers, a time when all people out there seem to be a bit friendlier. It is a time of candle lights and shining stars, a time of gifts, a time of joy and above all a time to remind us that the Lord Jesus is reborn to once again renew His message of what love is all about.

And as it is a family day we also miss our beloved lost ones so very much more than we already do on normal days. So a certain melancholy seems to be sitting with us at the Christmas table as we become aware of the empty seats of the sometimes many who cannot be with us anymore.

This is my first Christmas without Max, without my love, without my Onliest.

Silvia (with Max forever in my heart)


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Such a beautiful message...And so so true.  Empty seats...make this time so bittersweet.  Fond memories yes, but still a gnawing ache within the heart and soul...

Your first Christmas without Max...physically.  Know your Onliest is always with you - that bond is forever.  You are too tightly connected and as he for you is your only, you for him is his only.  Bonded souls.

Wishing you peace, and comfort within the warmth and touch of Max - his paws of love are forever wrapped about your heart.

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  Thanks for the uplifting Christmas post. Yes, this is going to be a tough XMAS. I lost my beloved dog 3 1/2 months ago and the pain is still intense. I know that this will be your 1st XMAS without your Max, so you understand what all of us in this Forum are experiencing. Best Wishes for you and yours to have a peaceful Holiday Season.

Warmest Regards,

Jim Miller
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Everyone is in my thoughts during the holidays. I have been okay but today I’m down in the dumps again. I am gonna to try and enjoy Christmas with my family. Just stinks my girl is not here. You know what’s hard running into people in the neighborhood who haven’t seen me walking with my dog. . Ughhh, have to talk about it again. I ran into this nice lady and her white boxer, she knew my girl was ill and saw her last when Lily was diagnosed. I told her she has passed but I got some love from her boxer girl and that certainly made me smile and feel good
Linda *Mom to two boxer angels* Lily {White Girl} 6/22/09 - 10/14/19  ** Ginger {Flashy Fawn Girl} 6/4/97 - 5/28/09
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Silvia, "Wonderful Lady of the Forest" with Max forever in her heart,

I miss you dear friend, I miss your so eloquent writing and beautiful vivid pictures.  What you wrote is so, so true.  For some odd reason, the holidays seem to "remind us of what and who we have lost".  This will be my third Christmas.  And, I honestly do not know, how I survived those awful first days, weeks, months and now years.
So, you are right, we "somehow integrated the loss...".

Have a peaceful Christmas everyone.
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