Most people who have pets regard them as a part of their family. Moving a house is a very stressful situation for every family member both emotionally as well as psychologically. We all know that the weather in Delhi suffers extreme fluctuations. Under such circumstances, you need to be extra cautious while choosing a transportation option for your pets.

Pets are usually very sensitive to the weather and unlike furniture’s or household items you cannot hand them over to any movers and packers in Delhi. Here is a list of some pet friendly options which you can adopt to transport your furry friend.

By Your Personal Car

Transporting your pet in your own car is the best thing as your pet would be spared the trauma of travelling with unknown animals in an unknown vehicle. Additionally you can have an eye on your pet and cater to his needs. There are certain things which you should however keep in mind while transporting them in your own car. For example,pets especially dogs cannot sustain long hours of travel without a break. If your trip is going to be more than 4 hours,you should take breaks, so that the dog gets a chance to exercise itself. Pets need water more than human, so carry plenty of water with you.

By Air

Air travel is not something which pets look forward to, but they are the best option, when you have to travel a long distance. There are number of different options for transporting your pet on an aircraft. If you have a small dog then he can travel with you in the same cabin along with you. However, if your dog is big then he needs to fly in a cargo area, where bags are kept. The temperature of this area is regulated and you are required to provide a large enough crate were the animal can turn around, move and lie down.

By Ground Transportation

Ground transportation companies are quite similar to normal packers and movers in Delhi who transport household goods. You shall have the liberty of choosing which kind of transportation you would like. For example you can book a private coach, where you pet shall be the only animal travelling. You can also opt for a group transport option if you are low on budget. However before you choose this option, make sure the company does not group different kind of species in the same truck. It can get very stressful for any animal.

Remember to train and prepare your dog for the move. Keep anxiety medications handy and try to chase away his fears. This would ensure that your pet can enjoy his new home just like all other members of his family.

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