My pet bunny who I have had since I was 8 years old had a ruptured eye, and today we took her to the vet. The vet operated to remove the eye and we expected that she would be fine, just lose her sight in one eye. However, I got a call about 2 hours later saying that she had reacted badly to the anesthesia and the surgery went incredibly well, but her heart rate was very low and she did not seem to be responding. The vet asked me if I would like for them to do CPR if need be and as I asked questions he said he would go check one more time, and when he came back he said that they had done compressions but she was gone. I said to let her go and my dad and I went to pick up the body. All I can do is think about her and her body is in my basement, we are going to be burying her tomorrow, I have sat and held her for hours and cried. I know it is not like losing a dog or a cat but this bunny has been with me for so long and I am just trying to find ways to cope with this loss.
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A loss is a loss and you are entitled to feel however you need to. I'm sorry for you loss, they are our babies. I lost my baby yesterday so unexpectedly. I adopted my kitty Gracie when she was 12 weeks old and she had just turned 10. One day she was perfect and healthy and the next she had pneumonia. I did everything I could for her as did the vet but it simply wasn't enough. My momma found this site and I've been reading and hopefully it will help us both.
Gracie's Mommy
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healing vibes, don't do too much, be kind to yourself.
Anything that takes up our thoughts and time is going to be felt when it's gone.  She was obviously well cared for and loved. 
Routine seems to be the hardest adjustment.  Going about your day automatically, then you remember.  Use that time to cherish all your memories not just the last few. 
You don't have to let go, she will always be with you and you with her. 

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