9-11-2014 I chose to have my dog put to sleep.  I had her for 6 amazing years in which she saw me through many ups and downs, relocating states, and a birth of a child.  Unfortunately her older age and a back injury that left her paralyzed is what led to me saying goodbye.  

My daughter was just a couple months away from turning 3 when this happened.  I chose not to include her in the vet visit.  To say the two of them were best friends would be putting it lightly.  From day one our dog would lay next to the baby on the floor.  If she would cry she would scoot closer in an attempt to comfort her.  As my daughter grew she soon left her boppy pillow for support and would instead choose the dog to lean on. As she got older and more mobile I have so many photos of them laying together watching tv or looking at books, even photos of her sleeping in her crib and our girl fast asleep on the rug. Photos of snack sharing and dress up. 

The day everything happened I assumed that my daughters age would protect her from the long term pain of seeing a beloved pet go.  I figured in a month or less she would move on and forget about that dog that once laid in the sun spot on the floor. How wrong I was.  Initially she had the severe deep pain we all felt...hers was paired with confusion unable to understand what happened. 

Now that she is older she understands that our girl was sick.  She understands now that I didn't just get rid of her...but her pain is still there.  We openly talk about death and what it means and for being 4 years old I'd say she has a pretty good grasp on the concept. Sadly this week has been tough for her.  She continues to bring up our dog saying how much she misses her, how she was the nicest dog in the whole world, and how she was her very best friend. 

I tried to talk it out with my daughter telling her I still missed our girl to.  Telling her that she has to stay in heaven now because its the only place shes able to run like all the other dogs.  I tell her someday we will see her again but it wont be for a very long time.  She accepts this and knows our girl isn't coming back but it doesn't ease her pain any when she gets in this funk.  Today though as she was on the verge of tears she just looked down and said " I guess shes in a better place now" 

I'm not sure how my daughter came up with that but it shocked me considering its not something I say during our discussions. It broke my heart to see my daughter so sad and to say something so grown up about the situation. 

We are going on 2 years now how can I help her move on or at least not be so sad about the situation.  I want her to look back and laugh not cry. I understand the sadness will be there at times its just how things work but I wish she had more happy moments then sad when looking back on our girl. 
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Patent  I am sorry to read about your daughter and her continued sadness.  Two years have passed, if i understand, perhaps she may enjoy another pet.  I'm not saying another will ever replace your baby, but your daughter is so young, another pet may help her sadness.  Just my thoughts on the subject.  You know more about your sitiation than I do, but maybe it will help.  Good luck   Sue
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Hi Patent123 I remember you and your loss from 2014.I had just lost Tammy-now her little Chloe has gone to be with her.
Sending love and hugs to you and your daughter.
Being without you takes a lot of getting used to.
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