Hi David and Cynthia here. Last Friday we lost our greyhound chick to osteosarcoma, which is bone cancer very common in Greyhonds. We are devastated due to the fact that she was such a good dog at 12.5 years old, perhaps some of you have read the story of Losing our Luckydog beagle of 14 years on 10-01-2015. 
We both cannot stop cyring. Chick was very brave and she never complained.
We love her with all our heart
Love Daddy and Mommy Gaspari 2016-03-07 17.26.26.jpg
David R. Gaspari
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So sorry you have had another loss so quickly.  I am continually amazed at how much cancer is happening to our precious animals and have to wonder about the food companies and what they might be contributing to this.  You are not new to this site so you know that we are all holding you close and sending hugs your way.

What a beautiful baby she was, so regal looking.  Hope she found my Molly and they are having some fun.
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So sorry to hear about your losses. Greyhounds are amazing dogs. My sister used to own several. Just know that everyone here loves our fur babies and are here to support you and get you through this hard time. I lost too many animals and am heartbroken over my recent loss of Sweetie (my best friend). I still cry and miss him and can't believe he is gone. The only fault of animals is they don't live long enough. Hugs to you.
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David & Cynthia~  I am so very sorry to read about your beautiful Chick. To lose Luckydog in October & now Chick...I don't know how you are even breathing.  My heart broke when I read your story of your beagle Luckydog. All I can offer is the image of Chick & Luckydog playing together-- pain free with all of the dogs & cats & pets who shared a deep & loving connection here on the forum & everywhere. Extra hugs, Kasey
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I'm so sorry for your loss.  I lost Bailey last Tuesday night. 

Nice picture of Chick.
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