I Miss you terribly....It breaks my heart that you are no longer here with me....It seems so long ago since you were laying next to me....its funny how life goes on...days will continue to pass....and I still feel like my world is standing still...I look for signs from you know you are okay...happy....I wish you would come to me in my dreams....I know that I will be with you again just feels like someday is far far away ....I miss you so so much....nothing could hurt more than were my heart....I love u chi chi... IMG_0411.JPG 
joale reda
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What a sweet, funny little one you have lost.  I know how GREAT that loss is as I feel the same way you do.  I would do anything to get my Molly back.

Many of us have had what we are taking as "signs" that our babies are ok, but just because you haven't doesn't mean a thing really.  Just that we are choosing to believe what has happened as a "sign" to comfort ourselves, doesn't mean your little one isn't ok.  Please don't think that.

I too feel that my world has stopped.  I don't see how everyone is just going on as if nothing has happened, when my world is totally upside down  YOU ARE NOT ALONE.
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I know my pets knew that I loved them...but if they could really understand just HOW MUCH  we loved them I think they would be blown away! 
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