Sometimes I miss my Bossy Angel Chewy so much I can't breathe! He was with me from 12 wk till he left at age 15 on 3/30/19.He was a "talker" a great protector all 15 lbs of Brave Shih tzu and a"Mamas boy"! Even the day before he left, I took him for a stroller ride,tho he laid down most of the way, when he heard some geese, he let them know they better not come near! He was with me through break up of 13 yr relationship, 3 fires and the move with an evil housemate who killed her dog in front of us on 2/20,! He had a prostate mass and had been given 3 wks to live 4 yrs ago full of life! He was ALWAYS by me, towards the end his siggt was failing, so if i would leave hw would call fir me,and i would answer him and he wls b ok,but if i took too long he wouls ask "What's taking so long come back"! And i would,or i would bring him where i i was. After the incident I didn't want to leave my boy,so I took 2 wks off,but had to go back to work,so I took him with me, (he was a great "navigator" but towards the end I think he got headaches or something, because he wld go crazy on car rides!I found a sitter, but he paced all night (work nights) think he thought i had abandoned him.He wanted to be home.With his sisters a 9 y/o Shi tzu Hazuki and a 14 y/o foster adoptee Poodle Daizy who picked us to be her fur ever family 6 yrs ago (her mother got murdered the day we moved with the horrid housemate! She followed my Chewy on 4/9! So I had cameras on him and asked him to wait for mama ,to not go to Rainbow Bridge till I was home! He didnt! The day my world crashed He waited and when I got home he talked and cried for an hour, he didn't want to leave me! I asked God to please take my boy if he was in pain. Then I told him it was okay for him to go because we would be together forever and he would be right back in a different body! Then I felt his soul leave his body!Tho he still had 3 last agonal breaths! I've lost family,friends, loves, and all my possessions at different times in my life, Other fur babies, 6 yrs ago my Japanese Chin Yoshi who was with me from birth,for 13 yrs left us and yes all the losses hurt but NOTHING has ever hurt like losing my Chewy! He was a part of my soul! Sometimes like tonight I miss him so much I cannot breathe! I want to hear him,hold him,smell him!! I love my "baby grl Hazuki , she mourned for several months, wouldn't run/play/smile,! (We moved from that awful place) and am greatfull to have her.But God It hurts so bad to not have our everything with us!! It's been a rough yr. So haven't been able to save to have animal medium Brent Atwater do a reading! I want to "talk" to my boy! Find out when he is coming back.I believe he will.But sometimes I can't stand the pain of him being gone!!
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My deepest condolences on the loss of your Chewy.
I really must say I had a hard time reading about your roommate killing her dog in front of you and Chewy. It’s unfortunate she wasn’t charged with animal cruelty. I’m so glad you moved out. I do hope she doesn’t have access to any other animals. It’s hard to imagine that someone could be that cruel to a defenceless dog.

The pictures you posted of your Chewy are so cute! What a handsome little guy!
Sounds like Hazuki is having a rough time. Is Poodle Daisy still with you? Don’t be afraid to let your dogs see you grieve, my dear. You can hug them and cry and all experience this grief together. Come to this forum and post when you’re experiencing a really bad time like tonight. It’s a great place to find people who understand the pain you are in after losing your beloved Chewy.
Take Care. I sending healing thoughts to you but understanding that it will take time.
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