Hello, All 

Lost our beloved Chevy on August 28th of this Year. 
He was a Greek Tortoise and just 15 Years old.
Life Span can be over 50 years.
Chevy developed Kidney Disease and lost his Battle after 8 months.
Started on Christmas Eve last year when we took him to our Exotic Vet, after numerous Treatments and Bloodwork the worst Results came back.
When asking what would have caused this, Answer was "Environment" !
Meaning everything from Diet to other things.
Chevy was a picky Eater from the time he joined us and every Vet we asked since Chevy didn't want the fresh greens he should eat, we were told Frozen or Canned Vegetables are fine too as this was all he ever wanted to eat and over 15 Years we still tried the fresh Greens and they would always be left uneaten. 
So now this may have caused the Disease and his Death after we thought we were always doing the best for him. We cannot describe the Guilt we feel and were we live now this Vet is the only exotic one around . Staff there is awful ,sent us Home without any Meds for Chevy the first Visit because we had a prior Balance ! So he lingered for a week until we could pay towards the previous Balance.  We had a long Talk with the Management on how they treat People there, Pets don't seem to come first there, only Money matters. They have a ton of Complaints against them now as well. 
When Chevy passed and we called to tell the Vet, we left a Message since she was not in that Day, we never received a call back from her ! Yet other People have received cards from them
after the passing of their beloved Pet.  
The Grief and Guilt we feel is beyond anything we can even put into Words and all the Info over the Years has been all over the Place on how to care for Tortoises. 
If Vets don't even have the correct Answers and we have to rely on our own Research and it's still not good enough, how do you know which Path to take ?
Sorry for the long Message, but we are so full of Grief, Guilt and Anger ! 
Thank you to all for listening .
Marty and Leslie

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Marty and Leslie,

I am very sorry for your loss of your beloved Chevy. It is normal to feel guilt and have regrets. But you gave Chevy a good life. You provided him with love and his favorite foods. You took him to the only exotic vet around and followed her advice. Others here have shared horror stories about vets and the "care" they have given. Fortunately I have not experienced that.

My condolences,
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I am so sorry for your loss. It is so hard because our animal family members can’t tell us in words how they’re feeling or what they’re experiencing. And we always wonder if we weren’t paying attention or if we made the right decisions. If possible, be gentle and non-judgmental with yourself and know you loved and were loved. That you gave love and care. That is a huge gift. Be good to yourselves.

With best wishes,

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HI Marty and Leslie

I didn't know until coming onto this forum that guilt is quite a normal reaction to the loss of pets. You always wish you could do more and somehow not have to be experiencing. I never really thought about the kind of vet I would specially need if I got a tortoise. I think many vets and health professionals in general get so desensitised that they forget the people they are dealing with. It's horrible.
Sorry you have had to lose your tortoise. You obviously loved Chevy very much or you would not be here. Know that as you grieve, you are not alone.
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Thank you to all who have replied, we are very grateful for the comforting Words.
You always think you do the best for your Babies and with so much different Info out there
more accurate Research needs to be done so we as Pet Parents can do even better for our beloved Babies. 
We tell our Darling Chevy Boy everyday how much we love and miss him and how sorry
we are. 
We do believe he knows, after Chevy's Funeral an Owl appeared in our Yard that Night as
we looked out our kitchen window into our Back Yard at Chevy's Grave, there was the Owl
sitting on top of our Bird Feeder and from there it flew over to us in front of our Kitchen Window
and sat on top of our Lawn Chairs looking at us as we looked through the Window. 
We have been in this House for over 2 years and speaking to Neighbors who have been here
for a long time, no one has ever seen an Owl around here and especially in Person. 
We also peek out our Kitchen Window every Night before we go to Bed just looking over our yard and had never seen one before this.
After doing some research it states that an Owl appears after a loved one passes to let us know our loved one is o.k. and to bring the loved one to Heaven.
We were floored, as this was clearly a Message from our Darling Chevy Boy.
Has anyone else had this Experience ?? 
Marty and Leslie

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