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I have a difficult decision facing my family in light of my dog’s anal gland carcinoma diagnosis.

We had surgery to remove the tumor, but this type is almost always spread microscopically and will come back in the next 6-9 months either in the same area or elsewhere. It is terminal. The vet is now recommending chemo. He is 13.5 years old and has outlived the average life span of a coon hound. He is also seemingly very healthy.

Chemo will not cure him, it will only prolong his life 3-6 months on average. Cost is 3K. So, I’m not sure what to do.

If anyone has an opinion or similar experience, please respond.

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Clay first of all sorry about your baby. I can give you our experience. My girl got lymphocarcimoa at 5 yrs. she was advanced and the decision had to be made ASAP. We did. After the 1st round her physical and emotional response was no less than stunning. It was like we brought home a new dog. She had a totally of 3- She was one of the very rare who lived just over 5 yrs post chemo. She recently succumbed to renal failure😔 Ours was different in that she was more than half of yours age. Chemo does not cause the side effects in animals as it does in people, our girl had none. Prayers for your boy and you💙
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Dear Clay,
I'm so sorry your dog is sick and I am just offering an opinion. You say the chemo will only extend his life by 3-6 months and the cancer will come back. I would think that having chemo in an older dog would not be very comfortable.their veins are not as easy to get and if the cancer does return would your dog be suffering before you even realize that the cancer is back? You also said he's outlived the average lifespan of a coon hound. These things all point a certain way for me. You are having such a hard time deciding what to do. You love him a lot. I think deep down you already know what should be done so your dear dog will have a humane and dignified transition. I wish you good luck with this very hard decision. Hugs to you,

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Dear Clay, I have not words for expressing how diffiult was that moment in which I was in your position and I did not have any idea about what to do. Well, I will tell you what I did...I bought a book the Cancer Guide Dog, and it was immediately, and found relevant info.about my baby' s diagnosis. It was easier then b/c in the case of lymphoma it is strongly recommended to do chemo and as another person explains it is different from people regarding its side effects. My sofi started chemo on March and I am not going to lie, there are have been difficult times, some days she did not want to eat at all, or she stay at bed most of the day, and few weeks ago she was really bad, with severe diarrhea and she was hospitalized one week until she was stabilized. She made lesions to herself and it was really hard seing her like that, but she recovered from that and is much better. However, her quality of life is in general good, and chemo now is every other week, and the most important if you ask me if i would take that decision again? My answer is yes, I am not going to give up and I am going to help her as much as we both can... Although, we know once she is in remission-like now-the cancer could wake up, we are providing her more days than not, quality time and all the love we can! I hope i can help you in any way...I apologize fpr my bad English...w love, Katia

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Consider her age, the pain she will endure and the quality of life she will have during and after chemotherapy.
My cat was 14.5 and I said "hell no!" No suffering for my princes.
My vets seemed to be pushy for tests, surgeries and chemo just to make more money knowing damn well that my baby's body wasn't going to take it well. I knew that their suggestions were cruel and unreasonable. Should have gone to different vets.
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