This was Charlie,always thought he was a handsome so and so.
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Hi Geggles. >My boy is here, he is my handsome one☺️
Charlie is handsome! Is that him on a trampoline? Did he ever jump on it?
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Charlie was a gorgeous, handsome doggie! He looks so regal and happy! I'm also interested to know if he actually played on the trampoline or just liked to chill out on it?
Thank you for sharing your pictures.
Warm regards,
K. Unger
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Charlie was a handsome fella indeed. I am so sorry for your loss of him. He has a great sense of presence in his eyes.

Yes, if there is footage of Charlie performing on the trampoline, I like Katie, would enjoy seeing it! But if he is just 'chillin on the tramp' that is cool too.

I got the chance to meet, know and become close to a chocolate lab named "Ruby" up and behind the gates of Bel Air in Los Angeles, Ca. when I rented a guest house on an estate years ago. She was a total angel. I lived on the 2nd floor over the garage with an incredible view of the Pacific Ocean.

"Ruby" would climb the stairs and stand at my open door (I would let the sea breeze in each afternoon) and wait for me to invite her in. And then I would cook her and I some hamburger, chicken or turkey meat. Then we would go play ball in the long driveaway of the compound. She became a dear friend of mine. I don't know what happened to her as I relocated. But I have very fond memories of her to this day.

Kind regards,

Ps. Hi Sheridan, I always enjoy seeing your Simba! He was also one handsome lad. : )
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Charlie loved playing ball in the back yard,trouble is he was not very good at giving it back.
He would catch it and then jump up onto the trampoline then I would have to join him and prise it out of his mouth.
It's little things like that stay with you.I was watering the garden last night and came across one his tennis balls in the flower bed.I did have a little chuckle to myself.
Thank you for all your kind words and support,it does help.
Hope you all find a way of getting through your own personal experience and heal.
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