I am wondering has anyone seen a cat die without euthanasia? My cat died two days ago unaided while I was at work. I returned to find her half inside her tunnel with her eyes rolled back, her mouth full of white fluid which leaked into the tunnel. Her teeth were clenched and claws were digging into the floor of the tunnel. She had defecated some distance away outside the tunnel.

Since October last year she had been slowly declining from symptoms of feline leukemia and aids with bone marrow suppression being the main symptom. She was on antibiotics and omega interferon when she died, after failing to improve form interferon. She stopped eating completely. The morning she died she still went to the toilet and nibbled at her food. Then she perched on top of the television set where she had spent the last few months. She had chosen this place for some reason since she became ill. She had spent most of her illness under my bed as well and did not want to be touched very much. On the morning of the day she died she actually seemed a little better. but she meowed a little.

I am just wondering how cats die when they are not euthanased- do they have a seizure?
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I am very sorry for the loss of your Kitty.It must have been hard watching her decline over the months (if I have that right)
I am not a vet,but have lived with Cats and various other Animals all my life,and kepy my own cats for the last 32 yrs,so ahve seen many things.I lost a beautiful Lilac Siamese many yrs ago with Feline Leukemia,before the vacinatuion for it was invented! I let her go at my vets,but she was dying,the reason being everything was shutting down,her vital organs.My guess would be that your Kitty had a heart attack.It does sound as thoe the end was swift,and I really do hope that.She is at peace now.
Love and Light
Fairy Kisses for your precious Baby xxxxxx
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Thank you, much appreciated. I will ask a few vets this question, as I cannot get the image of her dead body out of my mind and the way her face looked when I found her. I keep wondering how she died.

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Some pictures of Betsy not long before she died  (aboyt 14 days prior).

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My Sasha did,she died in my arms a week ago tonight. I took her to the vet that morning and the vet gave me some pain meds to get her through the night. I had an app. the next day with her vet, that sad night she went into a seizure, I was about to take her to the hospital one last time,  she kicked the carrier away and died in my arms at that moment.
 I believe that is the way it was meant to be, it was on Sasha's terms.
Do I recommend it for everyone, it's a decision you have to make between your beloved one and yourself. I truly believe Sasha wanted to die in our bed.
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I am sorry for the loss of your sweet Betsy. I understand how you cannot get the image of her dead out of your mind. However, I can also tell you that it is no easier when they are euthanized. It is a very strange and heart wrenching experience no matter how it transpires. If I could choose, I would prefer for all my animals to die naturally, at home, where they feel safe and comfortable. It's never ideal, whatever the circumstance and I feel for you. It must have been a shock to find her that way.
Try to take comfort in the fact that she is whole again and free of her illness. You showed her love, cared for her and understood her needs. Time will heal.
x tiki       
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The body of my darling kitten-girl 18 months old was found this morning in an odd position, arms and legs sticking straight out & down (similar to some naps), kind-of upside down wedged between 2 boxes, eyes rolled up in the head. I'm missing her a very much. I did a google search for cat+died+"eyes rolled" because I was curious about this particular symptom. Local pet hospital said most people don't bother to have a necropsy and it was not available locally here. So there won't be one. All the best to you and everyone else who has lost a pet suddenly. We're worrying about our other cat - her close sister - and will probably get a new cat sooner rather than later so she is not alone. Thanks.
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My cat Tig died w/o euthanasia...he was very old (close to 20 years) and he had FIP which is non treatable. so we decided to let him live his last days with us where he was made as comfy as possible. But at the end he was in my wife's arms in a blanket cuz he was so small (he wasted away to almost nothing) and he did have a semi violent spasm and then he died...
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Depending on the disease, it's not always pleasant to see a pet die, a cat in my case. Unlike humans, who have the facilities of a hospital, drugs and IV pain killers, our beloved pets don't always have the luxury of dieing a peaceful and
stressfree death.   Some suffer a lot in the last hour or last few minutes depending on how toxic they are.  

My little cat in the last stages of CRF was starting to go toxic, and inasmuch as I grieved to see him go..arranging for a
uthenasia was the best love I could give him at this point.
 When the vet administered the needle through an IV he lay
 down and went to sleep.  It was so peaceful. 

 I'm grieving, because he was only about 4 yrs old, but it's
 only because I'm  left behind..I just wouldn't want to see him
 suffer any more in these final days.

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I am very sorry for your loss. Last night I saw our 12 year old cat die and I didn't know how sick he was. He went into a violent spasm after urinating on our bed and slowly started to pass on. It was very difficult to watch and I didn't get to say good bye to him. I would rather see him go painlessly than to see him suffer like that. If you know your cat is close to the end of his or her life I would say put them to sleep. It will be hard but I think you will feel better knowing that it won't be painful nor is it at all pleasant to witness.
Shaun Ohl
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I am sitting here with Romeo in the other room. I know he is giving up. I considered the vet but was selfish. I didn't want to let him go. Now he has wasted away, not eating and now not drinking. He is one strong bubba. I love you Romeo. Go in peace.
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well its such a sad process watching our beloved animals get old and leave us . My cat is 20 and has looked old for years no front teeth and waif looking .
When i got him he was a ferrel and the local vets told me he should have blood tests due to him being a ferrel (my first experience of a money grabbing vets) . Tests were clear but yet they said he may not be clear of other ilness . I was just so happy that my little kitten (the scariest one at the rescue centre) was clear of aids that i told them to get lost . And so 20 years have gone by and his brothers have passed but him my little gummy loud mouthed cat has hung around .
But he has slowly over the last 6 months or so messed in areas he shouldnt in the home even though we made him his own room in the loo . But as you all know the love we have for these little monsters goes beyond cleaning up soiled t shirts or stained carpets as we love them more than that . Today he lays quietly , still eating and drinking but his back legs are very limp . Breathing is fine ad puring is still there . I feel so sad as i know the inevitable is about to happen . I want him to go in his sleep but if he is still with us tommorow i know that now his legs have given up that the kindest thing is to euthanise . I am so very sad and held im close earlier telling him it was ok to go . I know how your feeling hastonj
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I have come to bed to write this. I sit next to Oscar, he is dying. Or I believe he is in his last few days. His kidneys have been failing him now for the past few years. He has chosen to die between our two bed pillows. So, I will stay next to him, stroking him. Each time my husband enters the room his head pops up. Then slowly puts it back down. He has shared our lives for the past 17 years. That is his age. Periodically, I start to cry. He, has held a place in our hearts for so long. I have been through this before. This time it will be at home, where he feels trust and careing. We had the vet handle the last passing. Yes, there was an injection to put her to sleep. Then one to stop the heart. it was over. She trusted me to stay by her side, as I did. Was , not any better. Was not any worse. You still have to deal with the lose. It, is what you can do to make them less fearful at that last moment. Their eyes will tell you what to do. Me, I will strok Oscar until his eyes say , no more. life is gone. 
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Im so sad as i had to take my lovely wren to the vets tonight and he is gone . A huge void in our lives and the tears wont stop .
He was unable to stand to urinate and ended up wetting himself and his bed so this was the sign for me to say enough is enough .
Love to you all 

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Hi I am LISA &  me and my husband JOHN lost our cat on July 5th 2013 Friday night it was so sad it was a shock to us she must of been sick for awhile we think, she showed the signs in one week. Her name was Fluffy she was a very good cat, She would hide in different places under our bed and in our linen closet we knew something was wrong with her when she started becoming distant from us, and quit eating and drinking on her own. We didn't know what was wrong with her we took her to the vet a week before she passed away they put her on iv on Friday and Sat and then sent her home with antibiotics and put her on can food a special diet my husband had to hand feed her she quit eating and drinking on her own, they took some blood tests came back negative they should done more testing at least to tell us what was wrong with her, to give us peace but the vet said to give her a can of food a day we are just very heartbroken over her passing it is hard to deal with her passing we go through times of grieving over her it just shocked us over her passing. We will keep her in our hearts and think about her everyday we know she is in peace now but we miss her so much. Just wanted to share our story one last thing I wanted to say she died in my husbands lap while driving her to the Emergency Vet Hospital there was nothing they could do for her we did have her cremated and she will be with us for a long time in a cedar box. Thank You for your time. We have had our beloved Fluffy for 10 wonderful years she was a joy to be with. Thank Ya'll for listening to us and thankful for this forum.
Elizabeth Castello
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