I have a barn cat that licks his/her sides until the flesh shows. This cat has done this before but it has never been this bad. See picture.
It is too wild to catch, Ive tried.
The little guy is really suffering. What can I do to help him/her?
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Whoa! You really need to catch him asap as you know.

Have you tried using a cage trap (usually available at your local Humane Society or Animal Control) or via a long poled Fish Net? A long pole with a fish net at the end? You may need two or three people to try and help. That wound is going to become seriously infected if it isn't already. He will die if this is not addressed.

The ASPCA may also be able to help. This is one of the most severe, untreated injuries on a cat that I have ever seen, in over 57 years! God bless you for being a compassionate, empathetic / caring person and trying to help.

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I totally agree. He will,die from infection as this has become a wound from what I am seeing.
The suggestions given by marmalade are good ones and you can also ask the Humane Society for help. Just show them this picture and I’m sure they’ll be there! I wish I was close enough to help. Thank you for caring about this helpless little barn cat! Please post an update. Good luck!!!!
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I agree with Sam. Please, please get this poor cat to a vet. I would suggest to put some gravol in his food. I think 1/2 tab but you may want to give less if he doesn’t weigh very much. It will make him sleepy and you’ll be able to put him in a box or cage. Let me know how he is doing please. Good luck to you!!!
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the best thing to do is take her to the vet
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