I never thought it would hurt this much. Feel like I'm not going to make it. I think of all the times I yelled at him for going into the trash can or crying excessively. I just can't believe he's gone. We put up posters on the telephone poles...I have hope whenever there's a phone message for me. I look at where he used to sleep...I remember how he always jumped into the laundry whenever it came out of the dryer...I remember when he got out the door; the last time I saw him. I want to call my counselor, but all I do is cry, and she won't understand what I'm saying. Thanks for listening.
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So sorry to hear you lost your baby.  We all know that pain.  
Marlene Wagner
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I am sorry for your loss, but glad you found this forum. We all understand the devastation. I lost my Tux a month ago on Good Friday, I can actually look at his pictures without crying every time. My heart just sinks when I see that empty recliner were he used to love to perch. 
Writing and sharing about your loved one does help and we all would love to hear about him.
(Tux's Mom)
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We understand here.  We all loved and lost our best friends.  We all cry and are sad.  Sometimes people don't understand.  The people here understand and are the best support there can be.  I wish you well friend and hope you find comfort here.  I know I have.

Robert,s Mom
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