Current situation: my adult female cat Lady Mel Hemmingway (~4.5 years old) is experiencing hair loss. It appears to only be on the back of her neck, and some smaller spots on the head and behind the ears.

I initially only noticed the big bald spot behind her neck and thought it to a bad reaction to the frontline plus for cats flea medications that's the suit where I administered it. She is an indoor cat only but I noticed more scratching then normal and often to see if the frontline would do the trick.

History: I had taken her to the Vet on 2 occasions for a stuffy and runny nose thinking she had a cold. However a cold was ruled out and allergies was assigned as the culprit to mostly environmental factors. An air purifier was suggested. Since I was already in possession of a humidifier I've been using that a a place holder until I save up enough to buy a proper air purifier that will make an actual difference. Her runny went away, no more breathing issues. I have also been changing her food bcs she's been picky (feline 101 lol) so I'm aware that perhaps a food allergen could be at fault.

On the spots I'm currently applying a topical spray (zymox HC 1.0% for animal use) . I will switch her to the food before I adopted her. And of course keep monitoring her. Other than the hair loss, and scratching, (the frontline sid not stop the scratches so then I don't think fleas were the culprit) she seems to be her normal self.

Has anyone had any experiences with cat hair loss??
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