Hi, yesterday my cat Tux had a medical procedure.  A medical shaving (as well as Senior Wellness blood tests).  But he never quite came out of the sedation.  He laid on the floor on his side.  We took him to the hospital, where they gave him x-rays and they said the procedure was too much for his heart, he had congenital heart failure. So we had to put him to sleep.  I was told by my friend's friend (cat expert) our vet should not have put an old cat under sedation without first checking his heart. So basically, one could say our vet killed him. Though the hospital vet said he would have died soon of heart disease anyway.  Tomorrow our vet is supposed to call us to tell us the results of his blood tests which he had also done with the medical shaving.  But by then he will probably know of Tux's death since the hospital will probably call him first thing in the morning.  My friend said to let the vet have it; and to request a full refund of the procedure.

I agree with my friend.  But for some reason I am numb and also a little relieved as well as heartbroken.  Tux has seemed to be unhappy for a long time.  And if he was going to die soon anyway... better now without pain (the sedation) than months of hell.

Still, I am in shock.  I merely thought, hey let me take him to the vet this weekend and see what they can do for this old guy.  He was fine! Never thought....

Also, I'm numb.  I'm not feeling much grief.  When my cat Sugar died I freaked out.  I wonder if I"m defending against feelings...
I Love Sugar
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Hi I'm real sorry about your cat thats terrible , the vet should of checked his heart being a old fella .
My dog macky passed near 2 weeks ago now and ive dealt with feelings of numbness during the grief a matter of fact im numb today , i think it's how brains way of trying to lower the blow maybe we couldn't handle the pain ? I'm not sure .
Give it time and I'm sure you will experience many different feelings .
Best wishes
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