One month ago, my cat passed away suddenly. He was extremely close and attached to me, spending pretty much most of our time together and always sleeping next to me. For the next two weeks, I was completely heartbroken and unable to leave my bed. Since it happened my other cat started trying to take his place. Even though I have always loved and shown just as much affection to her, she was always a little more distant. But suddenly she started sleeping next to me every single night even though she never really did that before. Especially not every single day. She has been very attached to me for 3 weeks until a few days ago when her behaviour completely changed. She became very sad, uninterested in petting and playing. Then started chewing food in a very weird way and spitting it out until finally a loss of appetite within 2 days. I took her to the vet. She had a check up, full mouth examination, teeth cleaning and a separate blood test with everything coming back very good. The vet has given her some tablets for appetite and recommended a Feliway diffuser for stress. He also said that he really doesn’t think more tests are necessary at this time and that I should wait a few days for any changes. Does this sound like she could have depression after losing her brother? I’ve been reading a lot about the symptoms and they all pretty much match, but I’m a bit worried about the chewing. It came out of no where but there is no sign of any issues in her mouth or throat. Could this be linked to anxiety/depression?
 Is there anything more I can do? I would appreciate any advice.
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Dear Astral,

First I am sorry for your recent loss of your other beloved cat. 

Yes. The symptoms sounds like depression and anxiety. In my opinion, from what I have read, it is best to just be as patient as possible with her. At times just sitting near them, while giving them space, can be enough. Just reminding them that they are okay and loved and not forgotten can help them heal through their grief, just like we can. She's probably confused and doesn't understand what happened which makes sense as she can't understand everything that has occured. And she may even be frightened for a time. 

I would also recommend providing her with delicacies such as deli meat, or fish or a little lactose free milk. And if she will play with toys try and do so. A peacock feather can work wonders available from some pet stores.

I would also recommend switching out her foods. A 1 year old cat I recently adopted was not handing dry cat food well so I had to completely switch him out back to wet. And he appears to be doing better. Brands as you know may also help.

Thanks for being a loving, caring pet parent. May God bless you for that.

Kind regards and my sincerest condolences,
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