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Dear codysmum102,

I don't recall seeing the 3 shelves before in a photo image. Only the one at the top. That memorial shelf is outstanding. Beautiful and loving job. Thanks for sharing. It is very inspirational.

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I just lost my little guy coco two weeks ago and i’m dying inside.
I had him cremated and put him in my hutch.
what is nice is i requested a lock of fur and footprint.
your baby will come in a nice wooden with a card for your family
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So sorry for your loss.  I had to "give my boy back to God" 5 weeks ago today. He was 19 and had kidney failure, as is common in elderly cats.  I knew it was coming and he did not look good, but it was still incredibly hard.  I had him cremated - it was never really a thought as to whether I would.  I am so glad I did.  He is now here with me and I feel a comfort by his presence.  I have him in a nice box, surrounded by a velvet bag and he spends most of his days on his favorite chair.  I sometimes move him to a sunny spot.  I know he is not there - but I still feel his spirit sometimes.  I have never regretted this decision because now I can take him with me wherever I go and it is a reminder every day of our special bond.

Bless you and your other baby who is also mourning.  Hope this helps.
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Thank you so much ❤️🥰 all of you ! 

Dear Laurie Ann and Julie: I hope the attached picture will give you some comfort. Your beloved petals were picked up from a little angel the moment their souls left their body. 

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Thank you.  After Felix and Moneypenny were cremated I didn't really do much for them but after Cody passed and I created his memorial shelf I thought it only fair that I make a collage and spruce up the area for them as well.  I know this might sound bad but I didn't realize how much my cat, Moneypenny's death affected me until after Cody passed.  It's almost as if Cody was the plug in the wall to hold my feelings in check and when he left the damn burst loose and all my feelings from the deaths of my mom, dad, Moneypenny and Felix came rushing out.  He was the glue that held my heart together and now it's broken again.  The kitties are helping but they will never totally take away the pain of losing my baby boy and best friend, Cody, who made everything O.K. no matter how bad the situation was. 
Julie 💔
"Grief only exists where love lived first."
--Franchesca Cox
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