Has anyone had any experience with the oral flea medication Capstar?  I just know deep in my gut that is what killed my beautiful seal point Siamese cat, Samantha.  my vet brushed off my concerns about it and a month later she died on my bedroom floor.  Samantha was a very healthy cat who was spoiled rotten and gave back so much love.  I am so lost without her.  I have had people approach me about these kind of medications with similar side effects Samantha had. any comments or advice would be appreciated it.   thank you
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I've never had any experience of this, but just wanted to send my deepest sympathy to you... This is an unimaginably terrible thing for you to have been through. I hope that you get some answers soon, and that these answers help you through the greiving process. Xxxx
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I treat the cat with Capstar. Advantage prevents the cats from getting fleas, it will not kill them. Second, use either frontline or advantage. I usually tell people to switch back and forth between the two because there are two different types of fleas that are common on cats and frontline works better on the one type and advantage works better on the other.  Once the cat has been treated, you must treat your home and yard.
It is also very important to stay away from the grocery store or box store products like Zodiac or Hartz. Many of these products can cause severe allergic reactions in animals.

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I'm so sorry for your loss. I'm not familiar with that brand, but I saw on FB recently that it's very dangerous to use any sort of flea medicine on cat that's meant for dogs. Is Capstar used for dogs? It's hard when you trust your veterinarian and they do this. I wish that I had the right words to say to you. We lost our dog Popcorn recently. He had just turned 11. Our vet made a horrible mistake, because he didn't try treating him first. He immediately talked about surgery. That's just not what you do first. Then the worst thing possible happened, my daughter's dad told him to put Popcorn to sleep. We both miss him so much. I cry every single day. I don't know if I will ever understand this. Somethings are just unforgivable. Once again I am so sorry for your loss.
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Yes! I read about Capstar killing cats...just read the reviews of the product on Amazon. If you read the one star reviews, it’s pretty horrific, what happens to some animals after ingesting Capstar: seizures, drooling, heart racing, panic attacks, death. Amazon even sent flowers to one grieving cat-mommy. :( Crazy! They say it’s like a nicotine overdose for fleas. Must overdose some pets, too. I’m not using it after reading the reviews. That’s how I found your comment, just investigating this drug online. It seems pretty dangerous!
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 am so sorry about Samantha.  Please accept my condolences.  

If you suspect Capstar could be the cause of her death, I do recommend you report it to the company, as well as the FDA.  They need to know. If there are other deaths or injuries due to this and no one reports it, they will continue.  The FDA recently had a warning about a certain class of oral flea medication including Bravecto and Nexgard.  (  Before the FDA warning, a couple of years ago, my dogs tried their first dose of Bravecto, and they got really sick. I went back to the topical I was using for years, K9 Advantix II.  I called Merck who makes Bravecto and reported it. They initiated an incident report.  It went on record. They reimbursed me for the 2 packs I purchased. 

Your vet should take this seriously after what has happened.  Your cat passed away.  Your vet should have done more to investigate.  This is one way these cases are reported, by the vet.  If you are not getting anywhere with the vet, call the company and the FDA about the product.  That's your right. 

You have nothing to lose by calling Novartis. They make Capstar. Novartis Animal Health US, Inc. Veterinary Product Support at 1-800-637-0281. Questions? Comments? Please Call 1-800-332-2761  For technical assistance or to report a suspected adverse event please call 1-800-637-0281.

I hope this helps and you can get some answers. 

Again, I am truly very sorry.

~ Parker's Mom

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