Hi everyone i lost my 3 year old shihtzu couple of weeks ago and i cant stop crying and have anxiety. i miss him soooo much. he got sick and passed away.. and all i think about is him and how much i miss him
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Ellen, you just go ahead and cry, you hurt. No getting around it, just have to endure it for however long it takes. Grief is very individual. Don't try to pretend it doesn't exist, because we know it does. The world doesn't like to see us grieve, which is so wrong on so many levels.

You are not alone. I've cried every day for 7 months. It is worse at the "beginning", I know. But I still cry when memories flood in.

Talking about your dog may help. Or writing here may help.

But the fact is that you lost someone you love ever so much, and you hurt. People here understand that, and allow your grief.
"People disappoint, dogs never do" - spiritdog

"You MUST be your pets ADVOCATE, if it doesn't feel right walk away." - spiritdog
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hi yesterday i put my best friend down my little yorkie jack which i loved to bits ive cried it hurts  diabeties got the better of him it was the worst day of my life loseing some so special like him  jd
john def
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