It's day 3 and I'm exhausted from thinking and analyzing the circumstances that led up to Georgia's passing. I keep thinking of all the things I could have don't or should have done way in advance, like get a better pet insurance, maybe I should have used some holistic therapies or supplements for her liver throughout her life. If only I could do something to have her back.
I'm scared to fall asleep and have nightmares again.i feel like I haven't slept for weeks. The past two months I slept on the couch because Georgia couldn't make it up the stairs anymore and she would wake up frequently throughout the night to pee, sometimes I wouldn't hear her in time and she would pee on the floor, but I understood and never got mad at her. I've forgotten what it's like to sleep in a bed, now it's weird to be upstairs and not wake up every 5 minutes thinking I have to let Georgia outside. Anyone else have trouble sleeping after taking care of a sick or aging pet for a while?
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Yes.. I have the same issue, but I have managed to sleep eventually. I need to get some sleeping pills although I do have something. I need something specifically for sleeping. Wiz was up all night peeing too and I'm nocturnal and up with my own health issues. I had a litter pan with a wee pad in my room so he would use that but he often wanted out to go to his regular litter box too. I'm totally out of sorts without him sleeping next to me. It's so hard. I tend to sleep in front of the tv after I eat and then I read my phone etc. to help me fall asleep in bed. I think when we are basically giving them intensive care at home it is a big shock when we no longer have to do all of that. On the one hand I feel a bit relieved and on the other I feel devastated because we were there for each other all the time. I think I feel if I stay up and read I can deny everything that happened. I am going over everything in my mind more now too.  

One of the first things I did was to throw out his fluid bag and put away his dishes etc. It was too painful to look at them. I did leave the litter pan in my room because Syb has a pee problem and pees in that, so better that she pee there than somewhere else in my bedroom.
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Hi, yes I had exactly the same problem with sleeping. We lost our 17 year old dog Jim almost 20 weeks ago, he had been diagnosed with a liver tumour over 3 years earlier, and as he was 14 at the time we opted to not put him through biopsies, as his liver enzyme count was the highest our vet had ever seen it was not safe to even sedate him. We were warned that his liver could rupture, but he did ok , he was on medication for the rest of his life and coped well. 
 However during his last few months, age eventually caught up with him - he slept in his basket next to our bed and at first he would wake us during the night to go out for a pee - sometimes it could be up to 6 times, but we didn`t mind. The next step was putting special pads down on the bedroom floor  - it took him a while to get used to them as he was such a clean little dog he still tried to make it to the garden.  He did start going on the pads though, and we`d still wake up to move the used ones and put clean ones down.  
  After we had to have him put to sleep ( he deteriorated so fast one night ), we found we were still waking up each night - that went on for about 2 weeks after we lost him, and once I was awake I just could not get back asleep. I found it very hard adjusting to him not being here - I still cry about him as we`ve no kids so he was more like our baby.  I even miss giving him his pills, and that used to be a nightmare - how he hated them, we had to roll them up in a slice of chicken or cheese and even then he discovered a way to eat the food and spit the pill out !  Its just so tough without them.
                                                Take Care, Jackie

J Taylor
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I am also not sleeping well since Zizi passed 9 days ago and I have to be up at 6 am to go to work. Taking five days off didn't help too much except I don't cry anymore.  Zizi used to sleep downstairs but in last days when she was sick at home I used to wake up every few hours to check on her. I moved her litter box close to her bed in the kitchen but she still tried to go to her old one in the near bathroom. The last few nights I would find her laying on the floor near the litter box as she was afraid not to make it. She tried to stay clean until the end of her life, my sweet little girl.

I removed all her dishes, food and litter box and put it in the garage for now. It was too painful to look at it. Maybe one day I will give it to a rescue group.

We were invited to a fun, music and dancing event this evening, but I realized yesterday I am not up to it yet, so I cancelled. I am still feeling sad and lethargic, just trying to make it through the days. This will be the second weekend without her, and I can function better but everything seems so gloomy.

Hugs to all of you and thank you for reading and understanding.

Zizi mom , 2002 - April 20, 2016
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First of all don't feel guilty for not doing more. I don't recall what happened but it sounds like you gave your dog a great life. After the passing of my beloved Sweetie I didn't sleep or eat for 4 days. I just laid in bed crying. Eventually I started taking something to make myself sleep because I just couldn't. Sweetie slept with me every night for the past 6 years and having him gone breaks my heart. I can understand how you feel. In time it will get better. We never forget the loss of our beloved animals and they will always have a place in our heart and our lives are somehow different but it does get better. Hugs to you.

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Seriously needed Ambien to sleep.  I didn't think my doctor would give me any just "for a dog" so I added in that my father in law had passed away along with my 2 dogs and I couldn't sleep.  My FIL did pass away but in December not March like I told my doctor, I know that's bad to lie about but I truly needed to sleep and didn't think the death of my dogs would even be on the radar with her.  Well after I told her she was SO nice and understanding about my DOGS!  She didn't even say anything about FIL and said how hard it is to lose a pet.  I like my doctor even more now knowing she is a  "dog person".  
Sue E
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Georgia   We all have our "what if's"  Many people have done all the "what if's" here and their babies still passed.  I have a lot of "what if's" myself.  But I unfortunately didn't have the money for them.  I carry guilt for that.

In the first 2 weeks of My Winstons passing, I needed many meds during the day, and more at night to sleep.  When the meds wore off, I was bad more meds.  All of us question our role as parents.  I myself, did everything I could, despite my financial situation. 

I think My Winston knows that.  And your Georgia knows that too.  Don't torture yourself with guilt.  I eventually got over it.  I know my Baby is at peace now.  And I hope I didn't let him suffer too long.  They are strong, healthy and free of pain now, waiting for us.  Peace to you   Sue
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I too could not sleep when I had to put my Sadie down. I had to take anxiety meds to sleep. My husband and I would let Sadie out about 6 times a night to pi. We always wanted to make sure she could get outside as She was a proud little girl and did not want to go to the bathroom in the house if she did not have to. When she was little and being trained she would go on a pi pad. Then one day she came to us shaking and ripping the pad as if to say I am a big girl and I am not going on this thing anymore! She never went to the bathroom in the house again. When she was sick , She was so upset when she was throwing up in the house. Her eyes were so sad. We always kissed her and said it was ok. Broke my heart. My husband and I both lost weight as we could not eat because she could not eat. To this day, I will not eat peanut butter as Sadie so loved this. As Eveyone has said it is so hard without them. When they are getting older and/or are sick I agree, it is like we are doing intensive care at home. I gave Sadie sub q fluids daily at home. She had numerous pills to take which she too mastered ,just eat what she wanted and spit out the pill. Oh how we loved them and would do it all over again.
Peace and healing to all
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Hi Georgiapeaches,
I definitely remember sleeping out on the sofa with Bailey for weeks when he was sick, listening for any sign of distress. He also had to go out in the middle of the night for a pee as he was in the beginning stages of kindly failure. After we had to let him go, I couldn't sleep (I would sleep for maybe a few hours each night.) One night I fell asleep on the sofa (watching TV with my husband) and dreamed that I was dying and in my dream I started to feel very calm, and then everything went black and I could hear Bailey barking. (I couldn't see him, or anything else, but I knew it was him barking for me and that I would be seeing him in a few minutes. My husband woke me as it was getting late and he had to be up early so I told him what I'd been dreaming. Like you I felt like I would do anything to have Bailey back and I guess it was my subconscious trying to work through things. Bailey died in November so I have had some time (although I will always love him) but those were very dark days. I do understand how terribly difficult this is for you and you have my heartfelt sympathy!!
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