Bob died 4-25-16. I know that it is denial but I still can't believe that he is gone. I will be fine and then sometimes I come home and see that he isn't there. The tears just come on again. Sometimes it is so strong that it feels like a panic attack. I have his pictures out and his ashes. They actually help me feel closer to him. And then there is also the depression. It all happened so fast. He was diagnosed with cancer. Right after we started treatment he took a turn for the worse and was dead in two days.  Honestly it has gotten better than the first weeks. But it is still so hard. I know that he is still around but it is his physical presence that I miss. I miss him so much. He was my best friend and my little boy. It helps to read what you have written to each other because you understand. Blessings to all of you.
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Hi Lauraandbob, I'm so sorry for your loss. It's been 11 weeks since we had to say farewell to our beautiful Molly and there are many instances I can't believe or accept she's in rainbow bridge. I think you have to go through ALL the firsts and there are still so many to come. Whenever I do anything I have almost always had Molly with me and its ingrained that that's still the case so each new event that we used to experience together is a new painful reminder. It's still so very raw for you so please just give in to the tears sweetheart. I cry every day and especially during the first few weeks I was in such a state that I felt panicky all the time and a complete mess. It is heart breaking and I know that huge piece that belonged to Molly will never be able to heal. Sending you love and hugs my friend, you are certainly not alone. Xxx
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LauraandBob, I am so so sorry for your loss.  You are so right, moments of acceptance turn quickly into moments of incredible emotion and emptiness.  It has been two months since I lost my girl and I still long for her physical presence and the opportunity to give her a hug and a pet.  Evie123 is right - on top of the grief and mourning is the seemingly never ending process of going through all those 'firsts' . . . Your love for your companion was true and pure - and so is the grief you feel now.  I still feel panicky at times and some days it is as if I am cloaked in a dense fog . . . the depression too - nothing seems the same, is the same, nor really makes a difference now.   When we lose our cherished friend our life does change - and it is not an easy nor quick process to accept.  We are never prepared to say goodbye - with warning or not.  We always hope - as our companion has always been with us through tough times and good.  So often we just don't ever believe there is going to be a time when we won't be together physically.  Take comfort in knowing Bob has no more pain - and in knowing you loved him as deeply and as unconditionally as he did you. Everyone here understands and is so supportive and caring.  Take advantage of the kindness here - you are not alone. 
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Lauraandbob  So sorry for your loss of Bob.. My Winston passed 3/2/16 and some days its hard for me to believe he is actually gone. I'll be fine, doing chores, then all of a sudden burst into tears about him.  Winston also declined fast.  From my reading of a lot of posts, a lot of animals seem to be fine one minute.  Then failing the next.  It seems it happens so fast with pets.   I don't know why that is...

I see my babies face everywhere I go.  The house seems very strange without him here.  I have adopted a small dog named Peanut.  I'm also fostering a Daschund named Baby.  They keep me plenty busy.  But they are no replacement for my Baby.  I love then both dearly, but I truly miss my Winston.  Take care   Sue
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I lost my beloved Bingy this morning after less than ten days of being diagnosed with cancer. They weren't even sure which type he had yet - we ordered the second test just yesterday. I'm gutted. Devastated beyond belief. I'll hold you in my thoughts and knowing they will come back to us or we'll meet them again one day. Virtual hugs.
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hi are not alone, my dog Munki was diagnosed with cancer back in Dec on a Friday, and she passed 6 days later, it was an aggresive cancer. I am going on over 5 months, and I miss seeing the physical part of her, i miss her so much........and i still cry everyday. I have her ashes out, her dog bowl, her blanket that she layed on (i sleep with the blanket at nite for closeness) a little fur wrapping from her fur.......i just miss her like crazy.

This is all so fresh and new....the first few weeks are the worst, the hardest...going to bed at nite finding it hard to sleep, then waking up in the morning I am sure you are missing your Bob like crazy. Yes, we all have to go thru the emotions that grief brings us, and it is a long tough path.......writing on this board has helped me alot...i also journal each and every day, that helps so much too.

Please know you are not alone..


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Lauraandbob, I`m so sorry for your loss.  Its been 5 months since we lost our beautiful 17 year old dog Jim, and I still expect to see him around the house, although we have his ashes here which does help a little.  Like Evie says, its all the " firsts " that are so hard , I even find it hard sitting out in the garden as Jim was always there with me.
 The first few weeks are so hard - I lost all interest in everything, I just couldn`t believe that Jim was no longer here, but it does slowly get a little better. Just know that you and Bob shared so many happy times - and that bond you had with him will never be broken.
  Finding this site helped me so much too, everyone is so kind and caring even while going through so much grief themselves, and like Cam, I also started writing a journal which helps.
                                                    Hugs, Jackie 

J Taylor
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You sure aren't alone.  My Eddie died 3/9/16 and I'm just so overwhelmingly sad today.  He was such a perfect dog.  So sad.
Sue E
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I am so sorry for your loss!! CK
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Sorry you are going thru it.  I'm in the same boat and its horrible. 

I cry every morning...still. 

I hope it gets easier for us both.
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I do know what you are going through.  My Lucy died sudden on Mar 24, 2016 in my arms.  Failure heart condition, but the vet said she is not dying.  two days later she died.  We feel the same as you.   Sorry of your loss, it is not easy.
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