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Thank you Sadiesmom. I hope with all my heart that it gets easier before I lose my mind
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Hi. Trust me, you're not alone. A lot of us are feeling the same. Monday morning, my world was rocked. They tell me time heals all wounds, but my wound, like yours, is still deep. Take care
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Me too Tanya, I"ve been through a lot of crap in my life but I have never grieved as much and been as devasted by anything like the loss of my dogs.  They just are always there and unconditionally love you, how can we not be totally devastated.  I just want this nightmare to be over, wake up and see them lying in their spots.  I didn't function for a month, the first week forget it.  Then I was taking sleeping pills to sleep away the day when I was home.  It's starting to get better but it is truly a deep hole those first weeks so to me what you are feeling is perfectly normal.

I love German Shepherds and my was he a great looking guy.  You did the unselfish thing, as all of the people here.  We love them so and want to be selfish but we all did the unselfish thing.  It is so hard, everything is different, the routine, the house, the yard.  Going on walks.  We have to get used to our new normal and we don't want to. 

All of you are wonderful dog people and what lucky dogs you had and what lucky people we were to have them. LOVE = a dog.
Sue E
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Hi Tanya,
I am so very sorry for your loss! When I had to say good bye to my boy back in November I felt like I would never get over the loss. It is so very painful and the stronger your bond the more pain you feel. You did what was right for your baby and in time you will take comfort from that. However, as you said, it doesn't prepare you to go on without them. I found it helpful to write to Bailey in a journal - just little notes about how much I missed him, things that were happening... I wrote down all of the little nicknames that we had given him and some poems that I came across and loved. I also started a Memory box for him - it made me feel closer to him. I put in things like his collar, pictures, sympathy cards, paw prints the vet had sent and any little special things that reminded me of him. Now I find it comforting to look through and I do still write in his journal. They will always stay in our hearts but it will get easier. Thinking of you and wishing you peace.
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