I lost my Cavalier King Charles, Candy, on Saturday after she had a stroke on Friday morning. She was 14 years old and I’d had her 12 years. Missing her so much already, the house doesnt feel the same!

I lost my Yorkshire Terrier, PJ, about 4 years ago at age 15. They were both so close, in a way together again. Not that it made it any easier but with him I knew it was coming as he had cancer. With Candy though, it was so unexpected.

It’s probably been posted before but I remember when I lost PJ reading this and thought it might be helpful to others... “A dogs last will and testament”


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I am very sorry about the sudden loss of Candy.  Since you lost PJ earlier you are probably familiar with the painful grief that follows.  Some losses may hit harder than others, but we all experience the absence, the empty house and the desire to have our fur babies back when they are gone.  

I like the pictures and the Dog's Last Will and Testament.  Whenever you are ready that may apply but it is very early now, especially with the shock of having Candy one day and having her gone the next.  I hope that the support from this forum will be of some help to you as you go through the difficult period of grieving.


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Hi Steven, Your Candy was such a beautiful little one! Those eyes!!
I’m so sorry for your loss. Losing her so suddenly is such a shock for your system. I know the feeling of your your house just not being the same. It’s a very sad time in your life. Thank you for sharing “A Dog’s Last Will and Testament” I’ve been thinking of getting another dog and have had a few close calls but it just wasn’t the right time. I also see little PJ, another sweet little one! Maybe it will help you knowing that Candy and PJ are together now. You have your own special angels to watch over you. Hugs to you!
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Put together a little vid

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