Hello all!  This is my first post to the forum.  

I have a 15 year old pit bull who truly means the world to me.  He has had 2 cancer masts removed from his side in prior years and recuperated quite nicely from those.

About 2 years ago he started developing a new lump on his front leg.  At the time he was 13 and was already a bit over the life expectancy, and since anesthesia can be more risky with an older pet, the vet thought that the lump would outlive Rocky which at the time seemed like a fair assessment.  The mass is right under the joint where the leg bends so in the beginning it really did not alter anything, and honestly, even now he can still get around.  Fast forward 2+ years to today and Rocky is pretty arthritic, and this cancer mass, although localized, is the size of a baseball hanging off his leg.  It is also ulcerated so every few weeks it makes an enormous bloody mess.  I know some people have opted on putting their pets down with this type of situation mainly for the person's lifestyle and worried about ruining furniture, etc., but as long as his insides are healthy which my vet says they are and he can still get around without suffering, I do not see that as a viable option.

With all of that said, my wife and I have decided that we are getting this removed in hopes that he will be more comfortable during however much longer he has.

Has anybody else had a similar situation like this mass and how was it post-op?

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I've not had to make the same decision you have. Just wanted to say that it sounds like you're doing the best you can for Rocky. Bless you and your wife for caring so much!

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