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Hello, I have a wonderful vet but it takes awhile to get replies from him. I hope someone can help me understand something regarding my fur baby, Sassy.

I discovered a Cyst on Sassy so took her to the vet and the results of a fine needle aspirate was a Sebaceous Cyst. He mentioned that it would need to be surgically removed and sent off to know if it was malignant or benign. Reading on in his email to me he mentioned Sassy having "cancer" and that totally confused me because I thought cancer meant it was malignant and benign meant no cancer. We have left a message for him to help us understand why he is saying she has cancer but it has to be sent off to find out if it's malignant or benign but not sure how long before I will hear back and of course in the meantime I am upset and worried :(

My fur baby is family! She is my baby so I know how hard it is for others that love their animals like that. This is my 4th fur baby. It NEVER gets easier when this time comes and in fact it gets harder for me! I've had a dog for all but two years of my adult life and that's a pretty long time :)

If anyone can help me understand this thanks! And to all those going through this or any serious health problems with any of their fur or feathered babies please know that I know how you feel. No words give comfort even though they are appreciated :)

I love hearing from other ladies that have a great sense of humor and that cares about people and animals!

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My Satin Marie had those same cysts. She was a Lab so they are pretty common. Always asked her vet about them but he said unless they get larger to not worry about them. In August 2015, she got a few that got fairly good sized and her vet said they needed to be removed that they were Mast Cell Tumors. No problem, she had the removed but three days later, because the silly girl wouldn't sit still, the sutures on one near her left hind quarter came out so the vet had to redo the sutures but this time I asked him to give her pills that would keep her cam, almost sedated. Everything was fine until around June of 2016 when I noticed one again but this time in the left inguinal region (inside the left thigh). Due to the size, I did not feel that surgery was an option considering the amount of tissue that would need to be removed so her vet referred us to the Missouri University Specialty Care Clinic in Wentzville, MO for a consultation . This took place in December 2016.

By February 2016 we began the first of 16 radiation treatments, once a day, until sometime in early March. There were also the chemo treatments, once every two weeks plus pills. By May 8th her chemo was done but she didn't get the last one due to her still being sick from May 4-5 2017. On May 12th I called her Oncologist to let her know Satin was doing much better. On May 22nd I gave her and my three n=boys their flea and heartworm chewables but had forgot to ask her Oncologist about the meds like her regular vet told me to do. My mistake! Although I know it didn't kill her, it sure didn't help her though because by May 24th, she got worse. On Memorial Day May 29th, she had a slip on our basement stairs and I don't know how long she was in the basement laying on the rug in front of our washer as I went to bed at 5:00am that morning and found her about 8:45.

By this time  she had become bloated and was in a lot of pain, I knew that but held out for a miracle, perhaps it was just a small setback. By the 31st, 4 weeks ago today, I had already called her vet for an appointment on June 2, 2017. I knew the end was coming. I took her to the puppy spa where she was showered with affection and love. She had two cheeseburgers and my brother came over to help get her final resting place ready. By that evening, at 11:20pm I had her at the local Animal ER where the doctor there told me all she could do was to give her pain meds. I made the decision then, called my wife and I was with her for her final moments.

My belief was if it was a cancerous tumor, that was bad. I didn't really research Mast Cell Tumors until after Satin was gone and that is when it really hit me hard. There was so much more I should have done, I'll always believe that. It was never about the money, we gladly spent it and would have spent more but her fragile body just couldn't take it anymore. I miss her so much and every Wednesday is now such a sad day for me, even though for Satin, I think it was a good day as she got to go for a day with her daddy and that was something she always enjoyed, a truck ride with me singing to her either from a CD or the radio, I just couldn't help it! This is her on her final good day but I know all of her days with us were good days, at least I like to think so.

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