Hi, I lost my dog Dusty in November. He got sick all of a sudden. He wouldn't eat or drink. Brought him to the Vet and they did blood and ultrasound tests.His organs looked OK and blood work ok too. She said he had bloody fluid in his abdominal cavity. He stayed at the hospital over night and Vet said he was really sick and had a 50/50 chance of making it. His heart was weak. He was holding his own that night. Next morning he went into cardiac arrest. All the tests came back OK. He is also a diabetic. The vet said that he must have died from cancer. That's the diagnosis they make when they can't find what's wrong. She said it was either cancer of spleen, kidney, liver or pancreas. Only way to know would be to do an autopsy but I decided against it. Till this day I wonder what happened to him. It's always on my mind. Did he have cancer? Should I have said OK to an autopsy? It just eats at me!
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Sorry about your loss.  My kitties' vet told me that lack of appetite is always one of the signs of cancer.  I am in the same boat as you are.  I decided for necropsy, then called it off few hours later and since then I haven't been able to put this behind me.  I want to know but will never find out.  I didn't want them to cut Angel open.  The visualisation of this just killed me.  Also, I thought that the necropsy would be only for me cause Angel couldn't be helped anymore.  
Again I am so very sorry about your situation.  I know how you feel.  Whatever happened I believe that they have new perfect bodies now and are waiting for us on the other side.  
Angel boy, my greatest love
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Sorry for the loss of your kitten. Dusty did lose his appetite and to drink also. You're right that now they have perfect bodies and playing. I didn't want to have him cut open. Just wish I knew for sure how he passed. Thank you for responding.
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Speaking of following through to see exactly what happened, etc, I did take the steps to find out for sure if my Boots had cancer of the mouth. The vet thought so but since her mouth would no longer open very far, we could never see in there to be sure. I decided that I had to know so she had a procedure this morning to get anesthesia so they could try to open her mouth. Still no luck doing that but the vet was 99% sure that he could feel a big mass along her jawline. She also had a bulging eye on that same side, which he thought may also have cancer right in the eye.

I found out for sure, but it really didn't help me much. Just made things more real. Boots was given a pain medicine shot to last for 3 days. The vet advised me that the cancer was spreading fast and soon Boots would not be able to open her mouth at all to eat and would starve to death. He suggested putting her down within a week. It is ripping my heart out. I cry all the time. I have other cats but Boots is special and one of a kind, as they all are. I know that putting her down is the best for her but I struggle with it, since she has all this energy and has fought so hard to get better. She is now down to about 5 1/2 pounds and is on Predisolone. She has been eating good and drinking good and has maintained her weight for the last month for the most part. She also has hyperthyroidism which is well controlled with medication rubbed on her inner flap of her ear and her kidneys are starting to show signs of kidney disease. Still, she seems happy but I know what has to be done. I just have NO idea how I am going to get the strength to do it. I live alone. My cats are my kids.

For those that can't get their cats to eat, Predisolone gave Boots a big appetite. She eats a lot. However something to remember is that if they have cancer in the mouth, they may not be able to open their mouth far enough to finish their food. I have to continue to put Boots food in a mound so she can eat it. If I don't, it will flatten out and she will not be able to eat anymore. I wished I had noticed this before and maybe she would have not lost as much weight as she did. She cannot use her tongue to pull food into her mouth. She has to clamp her mouth down on a pile of food to get it into her mouth.
Cathleen Withington
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Im so sorry to hear about Boots diagnosis. I don't know if I could have the strength to put down one of my dogs either especially if they seem healthy right now. Thinking of you and Boots.
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Dear Metermaid- We were so sorry to hear of your distress over what caused your Dusty to die so suddenly! Since we just lost our Beloved girl, Maya yesterday from what sounds like Identical causes, it may help you to know that it was Indeed Cancer of the Spleen.
She was 11 years old, the most beautiful German Shepherd we have ever had. Super intelligent, very loving & so loyal- we Knew without a doubt she would have died for us...
She was her usual self 4 days ago, following my husband everywhere, playing Frisbee with her 'little brother' ( a welsh corgi), eating, begging for her Cookie, etc. Then one night she couldn't finish her dinner, seemed lethargic... Nothing to worry much about we thought, especially since the next morning she ate & seemed fine again, except that she seemed to be 'withdrawing' from us- going into another room by herself instead of joining us in the living room on her comfy bed...
After 3 days, a Sunday, she was very weak & we took her to the vet hospital. I suspected diabetes, as she seemed to drink a lot of water, but knowing this could be treated, I remained confident of her recovery. But then that special 'knowledge' you get, Instinct, Intuition, whatever, that Usually tells me everything will be all right didn't appear. But my Mom, who died 4 years ago just the day before, did. I was silently praying for my beautiful Baby, & my Mom very distinctly said 'I'll take care of her.'
So I knew....
And then the vet said it might be Cancer, they had to do an ultrasound, run tests, etc. Two hours later, we got the devastating news- it was Cancer of the spleen. A 'Horrible, quick spreading cancer that would quickly spread to kidneys or lungs'- even if removed, 80% fatal'
Surgically, she would only have 3- 6 weeks to live.
We decided that it wasn't worth putting her through any more pain to gain just 3-6 weeks more of her company. It was Undoubtedly the Hardest decision we had ever made. But she was obviously in pain & it seemed that she was alternately trying to tell us that she was tired, & trying to say she didn't want to leave us!! It was SO Horrible!
I cannot stop crying. I cannot understand how such a thing could happen so Quickly to an otherwise healthy animal!! We are utterly Devastated. We know exactly how you feel. We hope that hearing Maya's diagnosis will help you deal with Dusty's loss a bit better.
God Bless!
We lost our Beautiful Big Girl from cancer of the spleen yesterday. It only took 4 days to weaken her to the point that we had to let her go rather than have her suffer- and the shock we are experiencing is the Worst I have Ever had, even though I have had G Shepherds for 40 years & have lost my parents! HOW could this happen So Fast?? Can't Science do Anything about this awful disease?
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Hi Blackhole,

I am so sorry to hear that you lost your dog Maya so suddenly also. It's been over a year since Dusty passed away and still can't believe how fast he deteriorated too.
Thank you for telling me your story of Maya. Reading it has helped one a lot dealing with Dusty's diagnosis. Dusty must have had spleen cancer too.
Our dogs know they were loved and we did all we could do for them.
Dusty and Maya are together at Rainbow Bridge playing with healed bodies.
Again, thank you for sharing your story with me.
Take care,
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Thoughts with all you guys xxx
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