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I personally believe they can. My dog passed away on 4/26/18 but has been sending me signs. On the next day, she was sending me so many signs from the clouds! I saw a cloud in the shape of a dog about two times, and a cloud that looked like a dog running (she loved chasing squirrels). 
Then on 4/28/18 me and my dad saw a squirrel. We knew it was a sign because it was jumping everywhere (it was hilarious!) so we knew it was Florence (our dog) telling us she was ok. She's been sending me these signs but only me and my dad, not my mom.
And last night, I had an amazing dream.
She was back!
My baby was back! She was sitting where she always used to, on the couch next to my mom. She looked confused, like she didn't know what had happened, how she had gotten there. I think this was her reaction when she was sent to heaven, I truly do.
But then she started wagging her tail and staring at my mom lovingly. It was incredible. 
And as I mourn her loss, I know one thing.
She's trying to tell me she's alright, and that we don't have to worry anymore. I get that now. 
She knew we were worried, so she was doing her best to tell us she was ok. 
I thought that was the most incredible and beautiful thing I've ever seen. 


Hope this helped you all!
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My chihuahua Zu Zu passed 2 weeks ago and today I had to go and collect his ashes.  Last night I was very emotional again and I was speaking to my friend saying I would give anything for one more cuddle. 

In the night I woke up and he was on the pillow next to me. It was very strange but I know I wasn't dreaming. I put my head on him like I normally did then I must have gone back to sleep.  When I woke up this morning I was still convinced what I saw was real.  It was almost like he had visited me one last time for that cuddle I so desperately needed and to say Mummy I am OK. 

I have no idea if this was my mind or my grief playing tricks one me but the feeling I got when I saw him and when I woke up was, no way was that a dream.  Whatever this experience was, it has suddenly given me great comfort.  

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I put my dog to sleep this past Wed. and she came to me both nights in my dream and it was the exact same dream just in different locations in my house. I was petting her and I could feel her and see her in my mind but her body wasn't there. It felt so really though. I miss my Daisy so much.
Zina Gross
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Molly, and Sallyg, you both had lovely experiences. How beautiful.
I once (about 6 months after she had passed) had the experience of waking in the night to feel and hear my dog shaking her whole body out right next to my head on the pillow! And she wasn't tiny. She was just over 30lbs. So this really shook me and the whole bed! I remember laughing....then falling back to sleep.
And that was no dream. I was wide awake!
Hold the love like a little light. It is all you have, or will ever have, to find your way home.

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I hope I get some visits in my dreams soon. I'm concerned that my baby is mad at me for putting her down. It sure would help me feel better and move forward easier.
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I thought my Daisy would be mad too. I asked myself could I have done more but then she wasn't suffering. I play it round and round. It is a vicious cycle. I have dreamed of her 3 nights in a row since her passing on Wed night. Miss her so so much. Hope she really is communicating with me.
Zina Gross
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