Hi everyone. In December I lost my wonderful Golden Retriever to cancer. I still feel the loss every day, although slowly it is getting better. 

My question: do you believe that our deceased pets can visit us in dreams? I'm not entirely sure what I believe about "paranormal" things like that, but I've had some strange dreams about my dog.

Not too long after she passed, I dreamed that I came home and there she was. She ran up to me with her mouth hanging open and started licking me. As I was waking up I could feel something on my cheek and warm air on my face. I had a few more dreams about her, usually that I would walk into the house or a room and she would be back.

Then a couple months later I had the strangest one. I was outside with my family, and I saw her running around the yard. I started playing with her and I heard someone say that she was allowed to come see me one last time, and then she had to go. So I ran around and played with her for a while, until nighttime, and then suddenly I looked around and she was gone. I was upset, but in the dream and when I woke up, I felt very peaceful. 

I didn't have any dreams about her since then, until last night when I dreamed that I walked into the bathroom (one of her favorite spots to sleep!) and she was there lying down. She didn't seem happy though, it was more like how she was her last few days.

So, how do all of you feel about things like this? I'm one of the biggest skeptics, but any dream I have about her just feels different, like she's really there. And I've never experienced anything like this before, even with family members I've lost. Thoughts?

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I believe.

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The dreams that feel "different" like she is really there are visits and she is with you.
Our Loved Ones who we have lost - human and fur - often come to us in dream visits. The dreams are more real than regular dream and we know they are real.
You are very lucky  and blessed that she came to visit you.
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I have had 3 visits from Maddie in my dreams. they are so different for me than the regular dreams....the love was just throbbing in my heart, and she was bathed in sunlight and all gold shining...the other dreams were just regular...though I haven't had even them lately.
I totally believe that they were visits from Maddie, and I think your precious dog was visiting you as well.
Cherish these visits... they are meant to comfort you and bring you her love...Blessings...Judylinn
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I am so sorry for your loss.  I share your pain and sadness.  I had to make that dreadful decision to put my golden, Sadey down in December.  I miss her every single day so much.  It is very hard with our boating season beginning and Sadey nor Bailey are with us this year on the boat and swimming.  I was out with friends this past weekend on the water and it brings tears to my eyes as we visit their favorite spots.

I do believe they visit us in dreams.  It took me a couple months before I had a dream with them in it but now each time I have a dream with Sadey & Bailey, although it makes me miss them even more I am happy to think that this is their way of helping me through this difficult time.

Please share pictures if you have a chance....I would love to see your golden.

Hugs to you xx


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You are soo lucky to have dreams of your wonderful golden....I lost my beloved golden "Baloo" over a year ago and I have not had any dreams of him....I soo wish he would visit me. I miss him so terribly. He did leave me a wonderful sign that he is ok....you can read it in my thread "My heart is broken" if you wish.



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I'm going to say this and people can think it's a bunch of BS or they can believe.
Frist the dreams: Yes, I believe that they do come to  us in our dreams to let us know they are OK. I have dreamed about Bate only twice, but once I was not sleeping, only in bed about 30 seconds and I felt the bed move, I sat up and swear I saw him standing on the edge of the bed. I reached out and he was gone. I laid down, fell asleep and dreamed of him that night.
Many Many nights, after I turn the lights off and lay down to sleep, I feel something on the bed, just like if a dog had come onto the bed and was walking to settle down. None of my dogs sleep in the bed, only Bate did. Bate had  a ramp to get on and off the bed. Gator never slept in the bed, he prefers his bed on the floor and my cattle dogs sleep on the floor.
I have felt a dog come on the bed, walk around then flop and lay down. I look up to see if a dog came on the bed and there is never a dog there.
Second: About the spirit world and beyond. I know a lot of people may think it's a bunch of hoop la la and not real, but until you experience it, don't doubt what lies beyond.
I am having a very hard time with Bate's passing. I am still seeing a therapist. I have been taking several medications and I do like to drink before bed time. I know mixing drugs and alcohol is not good, but I do it anyway. Some nights I wish I would die to be with Bate.
One night about 10 days ago. I had a dream, or was it a dream or was it what many say is the "light" they see before dying. I saw this very bright light, just like they say, a tunnel of intense white light, the tunnel was my foyer and Bate was standing there, very happy and alert and right behind him was my dad. His arms were outstretched to me. I never ever had a dream about my dad in the 26 years since he passed. I was floating to the light and all of a sudden both Bate and my dad began to go back back back and a door closed, it got dark and I remember sitting up and was soaking wet and ached all over.
When I told my therapist she said that she had spoken to others who had seen the light and came back, and it was a very powerful tug and physically and emotionally drained them from fighting to stay here or go forward. Since then I have spoken to others who have had this expericnce and they say that the next day their bodies were racked with pain from fighting to go forward or being drawn back.
Was it death or was it a dream I had? Whatever it was I saw Bate and my Dad together. Since that night I have had no further signs from Bate, but that is when I started feeling him come onto the bed each night to sleep with me.
People can think I am whacko, but no one believes it or knows it till they experience it.
If you told me this a year or two years ago,  I would of said you were crazy. I do believe in things like this now and our pets do stay with us and they visit us both in spirit and in dreams.
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Our Babies do stay around us I have had dreams of my Baby and I have felt him around me. I want to share this picture with everyone my Devcon security takes a peek in snap shot everyday at the same time. A few days ago May 18,2012 it captured my babies spirit standing beside me. I hope that this proof will help heal some broken hearts and offer a bit of relief and secure feeling knowing they your fur babies are with you still and will meet you on the other side.
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Wow I love these stories, it really helps me to believe my most precious Beauty is still with me, I want to be true more than anything. I too had some very startling dreams that give me comfort but also make it more painful because to dream of Beauty means she really died and that was very hard
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I LOVE these stories too xxx gives me even more hope :) xxxxxx
I miss you Lloyd so so much, I look forward to seeing you again one day at Rainbow Bridge.....you are ALWAYS and FOREVER in my heart my special boy xxxx
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Yes, I think it's happens.


My first cat - six months after his death - very vivid and so true to him. That's when I knew he was okay.


My second cat - still waiting.


My third cat - had a couple dreams while he was still alive. He died yesterday.  Think maybe it was a warning, although the dreams were very nice.


Yes, I believe.

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I haven't experienced this personality (though I wish my kitty would visit me in my dreams). But my mom told me about her dreams after her dog, Digger, passed at 8 years of age to cancer. My mom had been having a very difficult time accepting her dog's passing esp. b/c she had been particularly close to Digger.
Keep in mind that my mom has a very rational type of personality and doesn't typically believe in super-natural type things. She said that she almost never dreams but for months after her beagle passed she'd have these super intense, vivid dreams that felt like no other dream she had before. She said every sensation in the dream, i.e. petting her dog, felt real. In each one she was sitting out by the pool in the warm sun and her digger dog was next to her. Then Digger would somehow communicate that she only had a short amount of time to spend with her. Then my mom would wake up, and she said she always felt so peaceful after one of these dreams. I recently lost my kitty and it has been difficult these past few weeks, I hope this is true and my kitty will come visit me.
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12/08/11, I lost my 16 ( almost 17 ) year old Jack Russell Terrier due to an enlarged heart. Not trying to be funny, but he had the biggest heart out of any animal or human I know. I was diagnosed an epileptic at age 21 with severe seizures almost daily. My dog not only alerted my family in the middle of the night when I was thrashing about on the floor by scratching and crying at their bedroom door, but somehow knew when an episode was to occur... With minutes to spare me dangerous areas where I would previously get injured in the house, or outside. I've heard ( as well as many of you probably have already ) that some pets can sense a chemical change in humans. It took me a while to believe, and/or understand it. Jack was my best friend, the most laid back dog who didn't want me to leave the house without him ( even after I got better ). Sit at the top of the stairs aaaall night long till I got back from where ever, cried and annoyed my parents with his "whining" they called it, because I wasn't in his company. I tried to take him out as much as I could ( to places that allowed dogs anyway, and friends houses ). He loved just being with me... Bottom line. He would sleep in my bed every night, and he would somehow sneak into my dreams every night, which never tired me. The strangest dream would always occur, just in different settings. I would be walking with him ( he did not need a leash or harness of any kind in reality or my dreams ) , and he would seem to split into two Jacks. The same dog and personality, just two now. But then those two would split up, and so on. I would begin to run, not out of fear, but out of disappointing all of the others that I couldn't have. If I take one, the other ones would not understand why I abandoned ' Him ' ( as they are all one single dog ) .i never grabbed any. It would not be fair, and it already seemed like it wasn't. The morning he died in my arms I still remember... The sunlight didn't seem the same on the clear day. The air smelled different... A chunk of me was taken for good. I told my self with my final moments just looking at him lying on the operating table( after he had already passed about 20 minutes earlier )" I'll see you in my dreams buddy ". As soon as I got home I went to bed...broken and exhausted . I did not dream of him until one night that I slept at my parents. It felt so much like I was awake, got out of the guest room around 2 or 3 in the morning and would not go back into the room... I just sat in the dark in the den, staring into the guest room thinking, something malicious was in that room. Suddenly I felt Jack's warm fur under my left arm. He used to squeeze under there onto my lap to get comfy, or when he was just cold. I looked at him. As he stared up at me, his thoughts flashed through my mind like a person seeing their life flash, before their own death and they said. " Brian, what are you so afraid of? You were always the strongest person I ever knew, that's why I stuck by YOUR side. I was never afraid of anything in this world, as long as you were with me ". I wasn't afraid to go back into the room again, there really was nothing to fear. I never dreamt of him again. So, going from dreaming of him every night while he lived, to this upsets me more than anything I've had to deal with. Call me selfish but I did not feel this way when I've had family members of mine die. Some funerals of theirs , I didn't shed a tear. Since December 8th 2011, I've thought about him every day and it's almost February of 2013. I always blame myself, thinking maybe something I did caused his illness. Maybe He found a piece of medicine on the floor an accidentally ate it ( unlike him to eat anything that had no taste ) , or even my cigarette smoking, even though it was outside and he was just somewhere close by. I'll always wonder. I've heard their are different types of Astral Projection (OBE), maybe HE had this ability. He might not have wanted me to leave the conscious world without him... He needed to be with me whenever he could. R.I.P. JACK. You WERE the closest thing to me, and a son.
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I believe it. On evening 6 since my lab Rudy died (a horrible & sudden death no goodbyes for either of us..he fell thru the ice on river by my house and drowned while I was not home..we were able to recover his body) I swear he was with me. I kept hearing him in the room & I too kept feeling him jump/lay down on my bed. When I would look he was of course not there. I also kept getting this irration urge that I must call the vet to have them check on him. He was there to be cremated. I did call the next day, but he had already been picked up by cremation services.

I can only think my Rudy's spirit was having as tough at time with the suddeness as I , and he perhaps wanted to be sure himself that he was gone. I don't know, but it was the oddest night. I wish I had called & they could have told me it was all a mistake and he had woken up.

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Everyones' stories of what happened after their pets passed away are so beautiful and amazing.
I have my own story of what happened after my Misty left this world. Rather than take up space here, I posted it as a link on my "signature" (below) titled: "Misty's life after death"

I'd like to say that before she showed me these things, I really had no clear idea what may happen to our loved ones after they had passed over. I thought there might be a Heaven....I wasn't sure! My Misty showed me. And I have learned so very much in this past 8 months since she went on her Spirit Journey. I am filled with gratitude, and will always love her. And have no doubt whatsoever that we will be re-united after I too pass over into the next World.
Blessings to everyone,
Hold the love like a little light. It is all you have, or will ever have, to find your way home.

Misty's Blog..a Dogfight with Cancer http://www.mistysblog69.blogspot.co.uk

Misty's life after death: http://www.dog2spirit.com
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