My cat Jubilee died yesterday at only 6 years old. She seemed perfectly healthy as a kitten, but in just under two weeks, a nasty incurable form of FIP mutated in her and she was rapidly declining, so our only option was to put her down. She and I were inseparable; every night when I went to bed, she would immediately get up and follow me, sleeping by my head the entire night. I held her in my arms and kissed her right until the final shot went in, but before she passed, I asked her to promise to come visit me every night, at least until I fall asleep, just as she's always loved to do. I know that her spirit will definitely continue to visit me day and night because of how much she loved being in the spotlight, but I would feel much more comfortable if I could feel her presence somehow, at least once. Does anyone here have some suggestions for how I can get some kind of sign from her, like an EVP, apparition, or even just feeling that same sense of calm she always gave me? Over many years, I've gotten subtle little signs that my first cat Smokie, who died many years ago, has been watching over me, namely his favorite foil ball vanishing from its drawer into the middle of my room on the year anniversary of his death. Are there any special arrangements that could help deepen an area's or person's connection to those paranormal happenings?
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Nathan, My deepest condolences on the loss of your beloved Jubilee. I think maybe right now it might be a bit early since you are grieving so much. With time as you adapt more to the fact that Jubilee's physical presence is no longer here, it will be easier for you to feel that sense of calm that she always brought you.
Smokie found a really nice way to let you know he was still around with his favourite foil ball! Jubilee will too.
Take Care,
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I don’t have the answer to your question but I do believe they are still around. I hope every day and night for the same thing. I lost my kitty just over a week ago. She loved opening cabinet doors and the other morning my kitchen cabinet was wide open. I did not open it! I also felt a vibration at my feet in bed the other night. It felt like her purr. I don’t know if this is just me going crazy or if it’s her but I love believing it is her.
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Just talk to her every night - ask her to come visit you in your dreams or send a sign.  Make it a very specific sign and be patient.  Her time is not your time - it might take a bit.  

A few weeks after I lost my Duncan (8 month old Great Dane puppy / heart attack), I asked both my boys (Dudley the Newf had passed 9 months prior), to send me a sign that they were together and OKAY.  I asked them to send me a QUARTER (like $0.25).  I asked this the night before leaving for a weekend trip to South Beach, Miami with my sister.

3 days later, my Sister and I were having a few drinks in this bar that we almost passed by on a walk but decided at the last minute to pop in and have a cold drink.  It was 1:30pm in the afternoon, the bar was pretty empty but there were singers and dancers so we were relaxing and enjoying ourselves.  We ask for the check so we could leave and when the check comes, it looks like this:

2 Peach Berries          $25.00
2 Mango Mambo         $25.00
1 Hospital Donation     $ 0.25

I knew immediately when I saw that, my breath caught and I gasped - it was their sign.  Nowhere else in Miami or actually ever since have I ever seen anything like this added to a bill.  NO OTHER PLACE in Miami that we ate or drank.  NOWHERE.

It was them, they are together at the Rainbow Bridge and I will see them again someday.

I am expecting a puppy soon, should be born next week, and I am asking my boys to watch over the pups and help me to choose the pup they want to come home with me. 

Talk to her... just like she is there.  She is and she will hear you.  You'll know.




*  Duncan the Dane - taken WAY too soon (7/27/17 - 3/28/18)
*  Missing Dudley the Newf (3/13/08 - 6/12/17)
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