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Hi Jason. Im still waiting to pick up Coco. Im dreading it but really want him back with me. I just watched some of your videos on YouTube of Rachel. What a gorgeous girl with such a big personality. It's obvious she knew how loved she was. Im really sorry for your loss. 
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Oh Kristy, I know exactly how you feel.  Your vet experience is exactly like mine.  My Ruby was on the iv at 8am and I got the call at 2pm and had to make the decision over the phone right then.  I also couldn't be with her because of the virus.  So abrupt and time has stood still for me since then.  

Cry, scream, punch a pillow.  Let it out!  I still am.  I feel rage and sorrow and then nothing.  It comes in waves.  Cocobear is right, don't waste one second thinking about the people that don't understand the love we have for our babies.  You have all of us to talk to.  We are here for each other. 
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Cocobear, thank you so much.  It helps hearing that.  🙂 
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Oh My Kirsty, you sure have all the symptoms, if we can call it that!  We are here to support you.  It's not an easy process.  It will get easier to eat with time.  I know it was several days for me.  I am still not accepting of what I had to do.  Like you, it seems to be a universal thought I did the right thing, but that doesn't help the situation.  It sounds like he was very lucky to find you in the first place.  You gave him the best years he could have had. He was dealt some bad cards, but you made everything better for him while he was with you.  Every cat should be lucky enough to find someone like you!
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