I have a sweet little kitty who I just had spayed today. I can tell she's very uncomfortable (and probably in pain). I know I can give her tramadol and gabapentin (I also know the correct doses). But I was wondering if I can give her both medications at the same time?
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Since you are asking, I am guessing the vet did not say to give her medication. Animals should never be given medication without the vet saying so. Gabapentin is not an acute pain reliever. It is an anti-seizure medication sometimes prescribed to humans for chronic pain. Tramadol is a pain reliever that also contains a mood stabilizer. I cannot imagine a vet recommending either of these meds after a spay, nonetheless, I am not a vet. It is best to call a vet and find out what to do, if anything. Kitties often bounce back after 24 - 30 hours of being spayed and don't require pain meds. Best wishes for a quick healing for your sweet kitty!
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